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  • I would certainly love to own the Taycan over the P100D, why?

    -It looks nicer

    -Its also more aerodynamic, and is lower meaning it`s more agile around the corners (Henceforth faster than the stock P100D)

    and of course... the quality is far best than the S, worth every single penny.

    1 month ago
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    • Actually, Model S has a lower drag coefficient (23 vs 25 ) than the Turbo S, so Porsche is not more aerodynamic. As well the Plaid prototype was 20 secs faster on the track

      1 month ago
    • It was an unnoficial record set by a prototype you can't yet buy... Its like putting the 919 evo on its prototype stage against the 956 Rotthmans, do you think the 956 stands a chance?...

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      1 month ago
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  • I'd rather the Tesla. Mostly for the novelty of a massive sedan that can give Lambos a hard time in a line, but also because Tesla has EV stuff DOWN. Longer range, and faster to charge.

    1 month ago
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