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While trying to do a stunt, he crashed into a Skyline R34 GT-R with his Jeep

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The owners of a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R wanted to do the show in a parking lot. Nothing better to impress the friends! The two vehicles went from one skid to the next with their screaming engines without any problem. There is plenty of space and both vehicles can travel without hitting each other. However, this little game ended badly.

Five seconds after the video began, we noticed the Grand Cherokee making a U-turn around a Honda CR-V. On the other hand, off-camera, the Skyline is also turning around. However, the Cherokee's driver will gradually accelerate and deviate from his trajectory. He finally hit the stopped Skyline right in front of him.

The impact seems quite severe since it was strong enough to open the Nissan hood and destroy the entire front of the car. The latter even started to slide to the side. Its owner will have to expect a very expensive repair bill, as the Skyline R34 is a rare and extremely coveted car.

As for the Jeep, there was naturally less damage, but the collision probably destroyed the bumper and grille of the SUV. It is also difficult to distinguish the exact model of the Jeep. It might be a Grand Cherokee SRT or a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. It doesn't matter because in both cases, we don't know if the two owners are still friends...

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Comments (7)
  • the poor Jeep...

    9 days ago
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  • oh wow a jeep owner driving like a total idiot, i'm shocked 🙄

    13 days ago
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