Who are our ambassadors?

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3y ago

As you may have heard, DriveTribe has recently launched an ambassador program for it's members, called.....well you guessed it; Ambassadors.

What it is? Ambassadors are practically the wine connoisseurs of this site, that will select the best content on it. There will be a few tribes and Facebook pages, where they will post the best content they find. The categories range from Women of DriveTribe, all the way through Classics and Supercars.

Over the next few weeks, as more official pages go live, I will post interwiews with the ambassadors so we can all get to know them.

Two pages are already up, namely:

Women of Drivetribe (www.facebook.com/womenofdrivetribe/?ref=br_rs)

and Classic Cars on Drivetribe (www.facebook.com/classiccarsondriveTribe/?ref=br_rs)

If you are interested in this series you can join the #meet-the-ambassadors chat. There you can ask them more questions and I will announce any upcoming installments in the series.

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