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If you have ever been like me you would know the struggle of getting your first car right!? The complete unknown of who what and how etc etc. Once you get your head out the nest you pretty much pick things up naturally like its part of our DNA! The struggle of finding the first car ,but at the same time thinking of the engine size, to what looks good? More important whats best to insure and who is going to bend you over their desk and rip the money out from where the sun don't shine!

Credit: Insta - @CharlieTog

But once you get on the ladder you are only going to go up if you're sensible! Many of us had that shed we all had as our first car, unless you come from a silver spoon family, which had pretty much everything going wrong with it! Then you build up a couple no claims saved up enough wonga and boom. You go and buy that car you have been visualizing for ages!


All the modifications you have been researching all of the people you have come across who have influenced your choices. But it all comes down to how you make your car your own! Be Unique. Create your own piece of you. So with that in mind be happy for what you have it's not always a race! Perfection takes time!

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