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The following photos are randomly taken from the Forum and every fifth photo posted.

Setting High boost... Someone has always done what you are attempting (or has an opinion).

Whilst I am unsure of what gap Drive Tribe is trying to fill, its validity in the crowded marketplace of social media and how much someone is making out of it (In some ways it is like a car show, without the cars, its no show. But there is always 'that group or clique' that get the special attention no one likes? Who decides on what is recommended? Am I that interested in motorbikes, car spotting or the latest in Italian cars??). What I do know about is the Skyline Owners Forum and for the uninitiated, here is a potted history.

Wheels for sale, always a big turnaround in spare parts generally.

Skyline Owners Forum is a Facebook group, currently rocking a membership of 8700+ and growing. It is one of the larger groups in the world of social media and is a bastard child from the old fashioned forum based car groups. The original conventional forum had a problem (as do they all) with people posting on Facebook, so they (in a moment of hubris) made it so that no one could post on social media (their thinking was that we would all return to the very 90's internet forums). In fact with the explosion of Facebook, linked to the ability to carry it around in your pocket it was hardly surprising that a Skyline Facebook Forum would be a success.

Posted with a question, cars are obviously a mainstay.

As with everything great things can happen with social media and some terrible things. The one constant is that the world is made up of people of all shapes, sizes, creeds and manners. For every drawback there is a advantage, you may not be able to write a in depth article or a 'how to' but for every question posted there is usually a very quick answer. Keyboard warriors (the main stay of old style forums) are pretty quickly ridiculed and ejected (they now flourish alone ranting to themselves on the older forums).

As one of the admins there, we try and keep it Skyline orientated only and do not allow general rubbish to clog up the news flow. Advertisers are allowed if posting specific Skyline related items, although general advertising is not. Unlike with Drive Tribe which wants to set up a hierarchy much like the older original forums of "I'm in charge", The Skyline Owners Forum is non profit community of like minded individuals brought together by one common interest.

A German users car going into winter rest.

Did you know? There is a files section that contains part numbers, engine manuals, car manuals for 32, 33 and 34 models.

Click on files, you will be surprised what lurks there.

The administration side is pretty simple, 'its about Skylines' so we try and keep it that way.

A rarer sight but welcome all the same as an original survivor.

Shows: We have done a couple a year in the UK and they have grown in popularity. for 2017 we will do a few more of the bigger car shows. This is after a few more peoples requests, it is always a gamble doing a car show though and I am guilty of letting other car groups do the hard work in the past.

From 2016's Niss Show



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