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2y ago


Ruckus Fiends has been around for a little while - almost 4 years now. If I had to define it I'd say it's an aesthetic. Or maybe it's a movement. Probably, if I'm honest it's a cry for attention.

Back when RF was a baby I looked like a stoner

I started my car interest in earnest probably in 2012. I was enamoured with Speedhunters and Stanceworks. I loved taking photos and I loved cars, so I started sharing the photos of cars I took online - just like my heroes Larry Chen and Mike Burroughs. Simple recipe, right? The group I formed with my best friend to share said photos gained solid traction, at least considering the "scene" we were in. Ultimately we were unhappy with that and he shut it down in 2013. I still liked photos, and I still liked cars, so I branched out on my own - but what was I trying to do?

I really didn't know what I was doing in 2013

Let's love the mess we create when we mould a car into our life


I wanted to build a community that had a clear visual identity. I was a student at the time, working 4 hours a week at McDonalds, so it wasn't going to be hypercars. Articles like Alex Willis' E28 on Stanceworks and Cole Chalmers' Cressida Wagon on Drifted inspired me. Why did car enthusiasts have to have pristine cars? I created content for Ruckus Fiends based on this aesthetic - beaten up cars, bold looks, film photography, the late 80s and early 90s - loveable yet unloved cars and vibes that had miles of character, but no recognition.

So, here's my challenge to you; let's love the mess we create when we mould a car into our life. Take on the fiendish mindset. Take your car and build it for yourself. Character over cleanliness.