Who did it better - Classic Alfa or classic Ferrari?

50w ago


Something in today’s cars just isn’t the same as yesterday. As we move closer and closer to an all electric, Polar Bear friendly future we lose a little bit more of our beautiful automotive past.

The claim to having created the most beautiful classic car is a rather large one. In my opinion there are two real contenders for this prestigious title. Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

But who did it better?

This is a 1953 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Coupe. It is absolutely flawless with its long sweeping curves, sliding windows and oh those classic wheels.

An undeniably beautiful car, but is it prettier than the classic Ferrari below?

Possibly the most recognisable Ferrari out there, the 250 GT SWB California Spider.

A very expensive, gorgeous car. Very similar wheels to the Alfa but the 250 GT looks like it’s ready to be driven, it almost looks excited! The little gills on the side are my favour feature.

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