Who did it better - Classic Lamborghini or Classic Jaguar?

48w ago


Something in today’s cars just isn’t the same as yesterday. As we move closer and closer to an all electric, Polar Bear friendly future we lose a little bit more of our beautiful automotive past.

The claim to having created the most beautiful classic car is a rather large one and there are far too many contenders to come up with one winner overall. But who did a better job out of Lamborghini or Jaguar.

But who did it better?

The world known and globally loved Lamborghini Countach. Arguably one of the most famous cars in the world, you don't even need to be a car nut to know that this is a special car.

I am of the opinion that Lamborghini's should always be yellow too...sorry not sorry.

Now this picture of a Jaguar XJ 220 is rather beautiful, but; it still doesn't do justice to just how mesmerizing this car is to see in person.

Curvy, pop-up headlights and those bug side intakes make this one of the most gorgeous classics out there.

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