Who Do You Think Will Claim Victory when F1 returns in Austria?
  • Kimi "Bwoah" Raikkonen
  • Antonio "la le lu le lo" Givonazzi
  • Pierre "Gas Gas" Gasly
  • Daniil Kyvat (Russian Anthem Intensifies)
  • Seb Vettel
  • Charles "Banana" Leclerc
  • Romain "Trojan" Grojean
  • Kevin "Lick My..." Magnussen
  • Lando "yea nah'' Norris
  • Carlos "The Great" Sainz
  • Lewis "Runaway" Hamilton
  • Valtteri Boatas
  • Sergio "Chico" Perez
  • Lance Stroll (In The Park)
  • Alex Albon
  • Max Verstappen "The Son of A Gun"
  • Daniel "Avocado" Riccardo
  • Esteban L'ocon
  • Nicolas Lattifi "The Other Canadian"
  • GEORGE! Russell

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Comments (1)

  • As much as I want it to be Daniel riccardo it will be either max or Lewis

      6 days ago