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As is often the way and i am sure you can all empathize with me on this, i popped out for dinner on Saturday night came home put my son to bed and sat down to relax. finding myself uninspired by the usual Saturday night mindless dross I picked up the ipad and had a nosey at cars on Ebay.

Now i buy a lot of cars as part of my job and spend a lot of my life looking at them, however modern classics and q cars seem to be my kryptonite. I recently decided to downsize my personal fleet and have actually got down to a record low of 3 a diesel everyday user for mileage my Subaru SVX ( cant bring myself to part with it wont on into that here yet ...) and a van that is advertised i just have not downed it yet.

I sold my f type 5.0 supercharger because the exhaust note novelty wore of quickly and someone offered me profit. My 562 bhp modified rs3 has gone for the 3rd time ( with a promise i can have first refusal on it back when hes bored ) but the one i miss and regret letting go of was the Lotus Carlton, that was nearly 2 months ago. That set me off on a mission looking at 90s super saloons, i contemplated a 500e Mercedes another Audi s8, and even a rs2 ( must be nogaro blue ) then i dropped on this.

1991 H Ford Sierra Sapphire cosworth 4x4 1 owner total history including all tax discs etc never painted or welded i am told its as new just turned 42000 miles. Auction very close to ending. I poured another drink and popped a bid on.

Auction fever is a terrible thing and i am not ashamed to say i got carried away but i won at considerably more than the several limits i kept setting myself. I have not even seen it yet but will be collecting this week so will keep you posted if its everything i thought it would be through my rose tinted double vision spectacles.

Wish me luck !!!! ha ha

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  • thanks paul this was a personal purchase not one for the " day " job i prefer buying crazy stock at work as im spending the mds money and still get to play haha

      3 years ago
  • Definitely not - I'd say the merry you made a wise choice! 42k on the clock and an old fast Ford - they only seem to go one way in value. Plus it'll put a smile on your face throughout your ownership. As cool as the Lotus Carlton is, I'd prefer a Sierra Cosworth...! Maybe you should conduct all your future car business after a few?!

      3 years ago