Who exactly is Mac Frost, BDC's new owner.

From working in I.T to owning a drift championship.

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With the announcement last month from The British Drift Championship camp that it was under new ownership, alot of people wondered who the new owner was and what was in store for the British Drift Championship under the new management.

I set myself a task to find out who Mac Frost is and what he has in store for the Championship.

Sarah: So, Mac can you introduce yourself to DriveTribe?

Mac: My name is Mac Frost, and I am the owner of the British Drift Championship. The novelty of saying that has not worn off yet!

Sarah: Where did your career in motorsport start?

Mac: My path into motorsport is different from most people, as I have never competed and instead I have been a part of the media side of the industry. You could even say it's not a path into motorsport at all, as drifting sits so on the very fringe of it all. I think it's really where you go when "extreme sports" become a game your body doesn't want to play anymore.

Sarah: When did you become a fan of drifting?

Mac: I've been a fan of drifting since about 2006, but never paid much mind to the competitive side of things. That all changed in 2017 when a friend of mine was working for Slide Motorsport and told me to tune into the live stream as they were going to do something mental.

Sarah: What happened?

Mac: That was the infamous "suicide run" where four cars fired around Teesside's Southbank corner, in pairs, head on towards each other. Precision control (and a fair amount of luck, no doubt) allowed them to run just a few feet from each other.

Sarah: What were you working at when this happened?

Mac: At the time I was pushing to get a career in social media, and I said drifting would be the place to do that.

Sarah: How long was it after that you began to work in the British Drift Championship?

Mac: So from me deciding that is what I wanted to do, to the moment I began working for the championship was roughly around 18 months, however after just a couple of months was when I got my foot in the door at Slide, met Matt Stevenson and began my "first job" within the driftworld.

Sarah: What was your 1st role in the BDC?

Mac: My very first role at BDC, was writing some of the press releases for the 2019 sponsors, followed by Matt asking me to take over the social media accounts. I was still technically employed by Slide Motorsport at this stage, and quickly after I would swap over to be in charge of all the communications for the BDC.

Sarah: What has been the highlight of been part of BDC for you so far?

Mac: That's tough as there have been some amazing moments along the way, I could easily say getting to run the mega event at NEC, but to be honest, behind the scenes pulling off something like that is really stressful and pushes you to the limit. I think the best overall moment would be last year, at Driftland, when we were finally able to run an event after all the lockdowns and postponements. Very specifically it was just after the Pro 2 podium, the permit drivers had done amazing and I was getting some interviews with the winners for the BDC Insider Vlog. Me and Matt were talking with Max Cotton and his dad, Dean. Max had just taken the number one step on the podium, at just 15 years old, and Dean was so proud of him he had tears in his eyes. We've known those guys for the best part of 3 years, and knowing the power that the BDC has to make people's dreams come true like that, that's the best feeling you get from any of it.

Sarah: What is your favourite venue?

Mac: That is a hard question as well! Every single venue has it's ups and downs, but on a very personal level, I would say Teesside Autodrome. Nothing to do with BDC, but on the public drift days they hold up there I always go with Lindsay (my girlfriend, who is a drifter) and the whole Driftnuts crew. Just hanging out with your mates having a laugh, and we've done that more at Teesside than anywhere else!

Sarah: I am going to put you on the spot with this next question! Who is your favourite drifter?

Mac: This is one of those answers that changes all the time, but at the minute, and for the last year, I have been getting obsessed with Japanese Drifting.

I probably blame Mitto for that, as we talk a lot about the origins and the techniques, I find it really fascinating. That's part of the reason we are doing what we are with Battle Royale this year. So with all that in mind, and as I seem to be watching videos on him all the time, I would have to say Naoki Nakumara.

Sarah: What chassis do you think makes the best drift car?

Mac: So not being a drifter myself makes it challenging to credibly answer this, but just looking at the grids around the world and seeing what is there you'd struggle to say anything but a Silva. It seems like that car just has it all, and such a vast easily accessible range of aftermarket parts.

Sarah: What drove you to buy the British Drift Championship?

Mac: For the last two and a half years I have lived, breathed and slept drifting. I have worked easily over 50+ per week to do my part to make the BDC happen. I could never really put into words the love I have for it all.

When the opportunity was offered to me, and it came very out of the blue, there was never another answer on my mind apart from to do it.Having been the manager of the series I not only have such deep insight into what it takes to do, and have built relationships with the people I need to do it, but I also had the first-hand experience of seeing where change needs to happen. Basically as much as it's an absolute dream come true to be able to own the BDC, it also felt like my duty to British Drifting as a whole to be the person to push things to the next level, and to give back for the amazing experiences I have had during the last few years.

Will BDC insider continue now with you at the helm of BDC?

Mac: Yes, absolutely. BDC insider has always been more than just a custom platform for the livestream, it was first pitched as a fan-supported model for the championship, and will continue in that way. As much as we all know the BDC is the elite tier of competitive drifting in the UK, it's also really a small organisation, and drifting as a whole has some big steps to overcome to be recognised as the true professional sport that it is. The backing of the fans who put their own hard earned money up to make a small pledge every month massively helps us to grow everything more, and the money from this in the offseason will be put towards the huge cost of introducing FPV drone replays into the livestream.

Sarah: What plans have you got for BDC?

Mac: In short, A LOT! For this year it's difficult to bring much new stuff in, both because of the limited amount of time, but also the restrictions we will likely face for at least the first part of the year.

One big change I would like to oversee is the introduction of some new venues, for the last 3-4 years drifting has really been confined to certain tracks due to cost, and also the perception of drifting as a whole. As the latter of those shifts more in a positive light, we can expect to see the BDC appear at some new grounds in 2022.

Sarah: Any secrets you can let us in on?

Mac: I don't want to let anything out too early, as we still have a way to go this year, but you may definitely be seeing some very special drivers this year if travel restrictions ease more, we've also got plans for some amazing displays to happen at events much like the Autograss guys at Three Sisters last year, and we've got some brand new merchandise coming soon as well.

Serah: Can you tell us more about the new Foundation class of the BDC?

Mac: So for Foundation class we wanted to reimagine what grassroots drifting really is. We've worked hard to make a set of rules and regulations soon to be released that will help to make a very self sustained championship for new/young drivers to get a first taste of competition, whilst still being able to offer some of the BDC's massive spotlight on new talent.

We're not just giving drivers a brand new platform to showcase themselves, we will also be working with them off the track to assist with helping them know to market themselves, get sponsored and really build some longevity into their drifting career. We know most drivers do it for the passion, but that doesn't mean we can't see that help to create a new wave of professional drifters!

Sarah: How did all the partnerships with other UK based championships come about?

Mac: A lot of this really was groundwork originally laid down by Matt Stevenson, so I'd like to massively give him the credit he deserves. For a long time he had the belief that a single feeder series was both ineffective from a standpoint of developing talent, but also in turn would make it difficult for them to operate a full championship of their own.

The simple solution was that we could feed into the BDC from multiple avenues, meaning that drivers who proved themselves have easy access straight into the Pro 2 class. SDC and RDC have both proven to be hugely accomplished competitions that drivers love to be involved in, and it came naturally to make them official partners of the BDC. Everyone working together to make a new hierarchy of drifting in the UK is obviously the best scenario, and is what will help to progress the sport much further.

Sarah: What do you see as the future of BDC?

Mac: Overall, I think that BDC itself will grow to be huge festival-like events, and take the amazing atmosphere to the next level. I'd love every event to be 3-4 days of intense action, live music, car shows, display and demo, and much more! I think that drivers need to be properly backed so that they can really perform on the top level.

It's with all that in mind, that inspires the plans I am working on for the next few years. Keep the fun, up the ante and show the world how awesome drifting really is!

Thanks to Mac for doing this interview! If you would like to follow Mac on social media I have listed his Instagram below, also BDC website and social media links!

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