3d ago
Who has the best approach to car keys?

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    • Let's put screens all ove...
    • Only the finest of materi...
    • Not fussy, just elegant.
    • Traditional while retro.

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    Comments (3)

    • Depends on the car honestly, if I'm driving a supercar or high end luxury car I want an elegant and beautiful key to go with my elegant and beautiful car, but if not I like a normal key that is simple but feels nice. Screens on a key is stupid!

        2 days ago
    • I hate the idea of a screen on a key like the BMW and have you seen how large it actually is! Secondly the thing needs to be kept charged and whilst driving on the charging pad. We all know the frustrations of a dead battery in a phone, imagine that on your car key then having to take the normal key with you too. Totally stupid. Better to have all those functions on an app on your phone and a key just being a key.

      The Mercedes has it for me.

        2 days ago
    • BMW!

        2 days ago