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Who Is Better? Hamilton or Schumacher? Answered By The Verstappen's

Max & Jos Verstappen Answer Who Is Better, Lewis or Michael?

8w ago

Who is better? Hamilton or Schumacher? The question that every F1 fan asks. Well in a recent interview done by CarNext.com and conducted by Ex F1 driver David Coulthard, Jos & Max Verstappen went over a series of topics including childhood driving come up and comparison between past & current F1.

However, there is one question that stands out & matters the most to the fans. Which is who is better? Hamilton or Schumacher? Both are legends of the sport from different eras and with 7 F1 world titles to each of them.

The answer by Jos & Max can be looked at as conservative yet controversial. You can be the judge of it, here it is.

Who do you think is better? Hamilton or Schumacher? Let us discuss this in the comments.

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  • Hamilton is the greatest driver to ever draw breath. Numbers don't lie. And the "equipment" argument is predictably hauled out by biased people every time a person of color proves undeniably superior. Some misguided (biased) people were caterwauling that Serena Williams allegedly would not have won more Professional Major Tennis Championships than any other tennis player (woman OR man) in history if she'd had to play with the "wooden racquets" of old. Ridiculous. An astute sports journalist and tennis aficionado stated the truth: Serena Williams would have won Major tournaments with a frying pan if her competition were playing with frying pans, too.

    Bigots also brought up the same equipment "argument" where Tiger Woods is concerned - even though while he was lapping the field in golf early on, Tiger was using relatively old-fashioned equipment while his competition at one point was nefariously using illegal "hot" drivers! The pattern is pathetically obvious. So stop with the "equipment" nonsense. Hamilton, as a Rookie, was winning so many races at McLaren, he was just one race away from from winning the driver's championship that year, 2007, when Ferrari - Not Hamilton's car, was cited the best car of all.

    Ergo, it is Hamilton who is the common denominator for his wins for two different teams and different cars. Later, after leaving McLaren and signing with Mercedes, Hamilton continued to win with skill and strategic ability that was fine-tuned with experience. The car is wonderful. But Hamilton himself is even more impressive.

      1 month ago
  • I don't think you can fully compare Lewis and Michael because they both drove in different eras, albeit with some crossover. Both of them are equally incredible drivers and, as Schumacher himself said, records are made to be broken.

      1 month ago
  • Meh

      1 month ago