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Who is the best car manufacturer right now?

Before I kick things off, I want to explicitly say that this article is about performance cars and not your 1L dailies. This therefore means that I will be concentrating on performance technology and a cars presence, rather than practicality, because lets be honest, Bugatti aren't exactly famous for their MPG figures.

So, I'm sure many people reading this will be expecting a rather predictable answer of an Italian performance car maker, such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. However, let me come clean and say that neither of these legendary automotive players quite cut it for me. They have not been active enough in the last few years. This isn't to say they haven't produced some incredible cars! For example Ferrari gave us the simply brilliant 458 and the positively scary F12, whilst Lamborghini have very recently given us the Aventador S, which if you look into the stats and facts, is pretty much an all new car from the original Aventador. However, these companies have not given consistently ground breaking machines to the public, as I believe a certain manufacturer have...

The new Aventador S

So if it isn't an Italian giant to win the trophy, who is it? Ford? I mean they have produced one of the best selling vehicles in America in the form of the F150, whilst also gracing petrol heads with one of the best hot hatches of all time, the Focus RS. It has a drift button for heavens sake. But alas, Ford still do not come close to the manufacturer I have in mind. So maybe another hot hatchy brand then? Volkswagen? You would be totally correct in saying that they are producing some truly epic little cars in recent years. For example, the king of the hot hatches, the new Golf GTI has re-gained some of that once lost magic, and just because they can, Volkswagen further improved the GTI by giving is the GOLF R and the GOLF GTI Clubsport S. But, not even these brands are enough to compete with the best current car manufacturer, in my opinion.

VW GOLF Clubsport S

SO if its not one of the legendary Italian producers, or one of the hot hatch kings, who is it? Well...McLaren

McLaren...You cant be that surprised!

Now unless you spend your days watching Love island reviews or alternatively, you live in North Korea, you have more than likely heard of what McLaren are doing with there super and hypercars at the moment. McLaren truly are pioneering automotive performance car capabilities and without doubt, pushing the boundaries of what many thought possible for a production car.

The British car manufacturer first blew us away with the McLaren F1 in 1993, it was the first full carbon chassied car and was capable of 240 MPH, still worryingly fast by today's standards. However, this article is about MODERN performance cars, so what have they given us recently? Well, a lot...However, I am going to concentrate on 3 cars they have recently introduced to the market.

The 675LT

What a machine. The 675LT is part of McLaren's "Super Series" and is a more hardcore and raw track focused version, of the already very capable 650S. The LT here means "Long Tail". The first LT car was seen in 1997 from McLaren when they gave us the breathtaking F1 LT. But why is this car so incredible? Well have a look at the stats: 0-60 in a blistering 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 205 MPH. The engine is a 3.8L twin-turbo V8 producing 679BHP. However, all of this is put into perspective when you realise that this car weighs just 1,230KG. That's over 100KG less than a VW GOLF!

It doesn't look too bad either

The 720S

The new McLaren 720S is perhaps one of the most ground breaking cars to be released to the general public this millennium, keeping price in mind. The car is riddled with technology, such as active aero as well as McLarens MK2 carbon fibre monocage, which used to just be the floor pan, however now includes the roof. This makes the car even more stiff, whilst at the same time keeping the weight of the car very low indeed. That's how a car which lugs around a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 and more computers than an internet Cafe is able to weigh in at just under 1.3 tonnes! All this technology means that the 720S can go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and all the way to a top speed of 220MPH. However, the real shock is that all this pioneering brilliance and performance that will come close to a P1 on track, costs around £200,000. Thank you McLaren!

That is very orange indeed...

The P1

We all know this one. Featured in the first episode of the Grand Tour and named as one of the Holy Trinity of hyper cars. This car truly changed the way petrol heads think about the future of motoring. This was achieved by combining the power of the internal combustion engine and the tree hugging energy of a battery, as we have seen in Formula 1 for some years now. This car has everything going for it, technology, looks, performance and even practicality. The P1 is a car that has a potential power output of 903BHP, when the petrol engine and battery are combined. This proves enough to launch the car to 60MPH in 2.8 seconds, however for me, the most impressive stat is that this car is able to reach 186MPH from 0 in just 16.5 seconds...face melting speed. The car will top out at 217MPH, which doesn't sound hugely quick now days, when we have Chiron's pushing 270MPH, but top speed isn't the point, it's the way the McLaren gets you there. We have a KERS system, adapted from F1 as well as enough active aero to fly you across the Atlantic. The P1 then is a true example of how McLaren is pushing the hardest and fastest out of any car manufacturer at this point in time.

McLaren P1, you are gorgeous.

So, there we have it. After looking at just a few of their available models it becomes quite clear that McLaren really are the best car manufacturer today. There cars are looking towards the future by incorporating electricity and mind boggling technology into all of their vehicles in order to achieve the best results.

Who do you think the best car producer is today?

Hector Lopez-Valido #Thespoolingturbo