Who is the best Sim Racer on Drivetribe?

Introducing the competition that will decide who has bragging rights for the best driver.....kind of

1w ago

So, why?

Well, while we are still stuck inside (mostly) we need something to do. Clearly so do I as I would have never thought of this normally. Anyway, during the pandemic the internet has kept us all sane so why not embrace that with some friendly competition.

What will we be doing?

The competition is based on lap speed. In any game of your choice you must lap Le mans Circuit de la Sarthe in the Bugatti Veyron. You can use a wheel or controller, or set a lap with both. I will separate the wheels and controllers to make it fair. You will have 3 laps to set a time, the car MUST BE STOCK otherwise your times will be disqualified. Your fastest lap in your time.

How to enter?

All you have to do is set a time around the track, post a screenshot in the comments and tell me: What input device you used and whether your shifting was on Auto, manual or manual with clutch. Any other settings are up to you.

Other details.

You have until the 1st of March 2021 to enter and the prize is an auction house bargain car from me (I will send you a DM to sort that out for you) in FH4. Or you just have bragging rights. Have fun with this and enjoy it.

Good luck everyone! I will also have a go with the wheel and get humiliated but, here we are.

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