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Who is the new The Grand Tour driver?

Are you ready to meet her?

2y ago

Let's cut to the chase. Meet Abbie Eaton.

Abbie Eaton, born January 2nd of 1992 in England, is the new driver for The Grand Tour. She started karting at age 10 in the comer cadet class, moving up into Minimax and Junior Max, and competing in the Super 1 series. In 2007 and 2008, Eaton raced in the Junior SAXMAX championship, finishing 4th both years.

The year of 2009 marked her first season in adult car racing in the Production Touring Car Championship. With impressive 16 podiums and 7 fastest laps, Abbie became the class B champion with 15/18 wins and finished 2nd in the overall championship.

[Source: www.abbieeaton.com]

[Source: www.abbieeaton.com]

Eaton finished 3rd out of 90 entries in the Mazda MX5 Mk1 Championship (2010) and achieved 11 top 10 finishes in the 2011 Mazda Mx5 Cup. In 2013 Abbie raced in the last 8 races of the Mazda Mx5 SuperCup with 6 podiums, and also in the Autumn Challenge, achieving two second places. Abbie was crowned the 2014 Mazda Mx5 Supercup Champion with 2 pole positions, 5 wins, 8 podiums, and 6 fastest laps.

In 2015, Abbie raced a BMW M3 V8 GTR part season in the GT CUP, bringing home 1 win, 8 podiums, and 3 fastest laps. Driving a Maserati Granturismo in the British GT4, Abbie achieved 4th overall and was the PRO/AM Vice Champion in 2016.

[Source: www.abbieeaton.com]

[Source: www.abbieeaton.com]

Abbie Eaton was the first female ever on the podium of the Blancpain Endurance Series for winning a race driving a Ferrari 488 GT3. She is also a racing instructor at Silverstone.

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Comments (159)

  • Certainly a superior driver to the American. I am quite pleased by this new driver. She can sure tear up a course.

      4 years ago
    • I’m so happy to hear that she is being welcomed by the fans. A couple of months ago people went crazy on me when I suggested a woman driver on my vlog. What a relief! :)

        4 years ago
  • I say more Abbie and less Celebrity Face Off

      4 years ago
  • I hope they will let her say something from time to time. I mean I love the guys, but I would like to hear an opinion from an actual experienced professional driver from time to time. She could be a voice of reason in this crazy, emotional company. Loving the idea to hire a girl!

      4 years ago
    • You’re not alone, Krzysztof! We’re are all hoping to hear more from her. She is an instructor at Silverstone, after all. I bet she is capable of smart commentary.

        4 years ago
  • Abbie is a good choice. Skilled but not so overly famous that it distracts from the car. And she’s fast. Season 2 is off to a great start. The boys seem relaxed and comfortable in their format. The fixed location for the set has made them less jet lagged and happier to be at work, I think. Hell of a lot better to watch!

      4 years ago
  • Short, sweet and full of detailed facts. Great article!

      3 years ago