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Who Made the Better Car for Australian roads-Tell me what car & why. Ford VS holden, go!

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  • I was a die-hard Holden fanboy for many years. My first car was a VN, my second a VS, my fourth was a VT and that's where I fell out of love with Holden.

    The after sales support and service from them was horrendous. The dealer tried to deliver the car without optional extras that I had paid for and said "we will fit them later". I refused to take the car. Three weeks later they finally fitted them all and I rocked up to find the car was dirty and there was dented panels. Again, I refused to take the car. At this point I even demanded my money back. It was my FIRST brand new car and I was by this stage very annoyed.

    Almost 3 months after the date I was supposed to pick the car up, it was ready. However within 4 weeks I started to notice little problems and then the shuddering during reversing and slowdown coming from the diff. After another 3 - 4 months of arguing with the Holden Dealer, the group that owned the dealership, Holden in Western Australia AND Australia, they finally agreed there was an issue. It turned out to be a well known issue with metal bits in the diffs and they refused to replace the diff (or the car!) and told me I had to use a special lubricant to overcome the issue for the life of the car. Consumer affairs, motor traders etc all wiped their hands of it saying "they've provided a solution".

    I eventually had a motorsport mechanic look at the car and he fixed the issue with the diff (At my cost) as well as a few other issues such as the supercharger pretty much not being effective at all but I never regained my love for Holden after that.

    I've had a couple of Fords since and have had no issues with the after sales as much as I did with Holden.

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    • You sound like every product review under 'Holden' ever. There's actually a lot of them.

      I'd be eager to keep this contest Commodore VS Falcon, and leave Holden's aftersales service, Daewoo, and all that out of it. Or Team Holden is lost.

        1 year ago
    • But the question is Holden or Ford .. and the after sales is relevant when you're talking about "made for Australian roads" because if they won't support them properly when they're on the roads, then clearly they aren't making the better car...

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  • I was always a moderate. But watching another family arrive at the BBQs in their AU Falcon while we had the more modern-looking VX wagon convinced me that Falcons were inferior.

    Also, both suffered from average interiors, but I reckon Falcon interiors were always the more dated of the two.

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  • Well they both have alot of history in Oz, and it was long road of development for both of them.

    Growing up my Parents had V8 kingswood's, and then HSV's later on and they were very refined. But i did own an XR6t ute in my late 20's, it did great burnouts but used more fuel than a 5.0 litre v8. When i drove a VE gts with a full exhaust and tune....whoa get outta my way !

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  • Holden because it’s an actual Australian V8 vehicle

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  • I was a Ford fan for many years. Drove an EF & EL Falcon Futura, great cars and 4.0 in-line six was quick. They where the best Falcon Ford built in MHO. Then came the AU. Drove one of those too.........don't tell anyone. I eventually bought a VE Calias 6.0. Didn't think I would ever buy a Holden, after all, changing from Ford to Holden, it was frowned upon. The VE was the better all-round car, just seemed like Ford gave up. The turbo six was unbeatable, but I wanted a V8 lux barge at the time and you could get that in a Ford. A VE2 SS Motosport was next. Not as quick as a HSV in standard LS3 form but for the last hurrah, it was the best they built. Unfortunately, something awful happened, and I am now the owner of a 2017 HSV R8 LSA manual. Doesn't handle as good as the Motorsport, not as quiet and refined either, but it goes like nothing else I've owned or driven and I just can't seem to part with it, not just yet anyway.

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