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4y ago
- The crankshaft alone is made of 89 individual parts. That's just how they built these things.
- 39 head studs to hold an inline 6 cylinder head on. Every bolt on a Rolls Royce / Bentley part is under such little stress.
- Assembled crankshaft, pistons and camshaft waiting for a home.
- Cylinder head, pistons, engine block. And yes, that's a signed Ed Roth print.
- Not everything is still available for such an old car. Often we have to get creative.
- Only 208 R-Type Continentals were produced. This particular one is one of the later 4.9L models and was the only Continental delivered to Australia.
- It's the different paint finished that make these engines 'pop' when they're all built up.
- Carburettors not pictured, however with them removed you can get an idea of the detail work beneath.
- Original AC-Delco distributor. The metal label on this needed no restoring, it was in immaculate condition. It was so original and so good that we forbid the painter from removing it to paint the distributor.
- Most bolts on this engine are cadmium plated, but there is an exception to this. The domed rocker cover nuts were originally nickel plated to a dull finish, re-plated 60 years later to original specification.
- High-gloss with polished embossing. Classic.
- Matte black exhaust headers, held on with big brass nuts. The nuts are brand new original parts from Bentley, the exhaust headers are the original units repainted to specification.
- It's all in the detail: Cadmium plating everywhere, and not a speck of dust to be found.
- All that's left after this is to fit a few ancillaries, drop the engine in the car, and fill her up with oil!

Restoring the engine of the only Australian-delivered 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental

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  • Now that is a level of craftsmanship that I will never attain! But thanks for making me feel bad...

      4 years ago
  • Your workbench is better than most pub pool tables.

      4 years ago
  • engine porn like this needs to come with a disclaimer!

      4 years ago