Who remembers when BMW’s CEO collapsed on stage ?

    What was that all about?

    5w ago


    Back in 2015, BMW's CEO Harald Kreuger fainted on stage while presenting and introducing the i8 and new 4-Series. It was quite a fall and one which has received millions of views online.

    Following this fall, Kreuger said he "I hadn’t fully recovered from a couple of intercontinental trips and I really shouldn’t have presented in the first place.” Whether there's more to it than that, we don't know but thankfully he's alright.

    But I am sure he collapsed five years later when BMW unveiled its brand new buck-toothed M4 and M3.


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    Comments (33)

    • He saw a vision of what the 4 Series would become, yep.

        1 month ago
    • Yeah, he telepathically saw the extortionately big grilles of the future...

        1 month ago
      • Please, Please, everyone! Leave the grille alone. I love it!!! And even if I would not have loved it, I would have forgiven it to BMW because they dropped that ridiculous foldable hard top and replace it with proper ragtop.

          1 month ago
      • Nope! And ragtops are awful on any car circa 2012, Targas or hard tops only.

          1 month ago
    • This will now be a meme: “BMW boss glimpses 4 series front grill.”

        1 month ago
    • No doubts, it's because of i8. He was out of touch, away on couple of intercontinental trip. He comes onto stage, sees that cool mid engine car, he thinks to himself, "We are launching M1 re-birth" then, shock horror, someone tells him it's three-cylinder-and-electric-motor concoction. Shock mixed with jetlag finally sinks in!

        1 month ago
    • And all this time I was thinking he fell from shock after a lady in the audience flashed their breasts at him

        1 month ago


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