Who remembers when Boris Johnson was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car?

The ninth slowest driver in the Liana

Over the course of the years we've seen a long list of celebrities attempting to set a lap time with the reasonably priced car on Top Gear. We've seen actors, musicians, TV presenters and also politicians taking the challenge in one of four different cars that Top Gear used. We've had Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Jay Kay, Gordon Ramsay, Ewan McGregor, Ryan Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman and... Boris Johnson.

Back in 2003, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was still in the very early stages of his political career while mostly working as a journalist. Both Clarkson and Johnson have written columns for the Sunday Times (Clarkson still does) and both had presented an episode of Have I Got News For You.

When he made an appearance as a guest in the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment in the fourth episode of the second series of Top Gear he made it absolutely clear that he was "the worst driver the Stig has ever met". And indeed he tried to deliver on that promise by setting a rather unexciting time of 1:56.0 at the wheel of the Suzuki Liana.

Johnson had actually set what would end up being the ninth slowest lap ever recorded with the car and when Top Gear retired the Liana to replace it with the Chevrolet Lacetti in 2006, his time occupied the 57th position - out of 65 - in the leaderboard.

What was your favourite star in a reasonably priced car?

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  • Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jelly

      7 months ago
  • I do....but wasn't impressed

      7 months ago
  • Not only do I remember this, I also remember "The mayor of London:changing gear at lower revs saves you money and produces less CO2" and then on GQ magazine "The essence of this car, in my view, is not changing up until about 6000 revs" in a test drive of a Ferrari.

      7 months ago
  • Who else like to drive thorough the bus lane?......

      7 months ago
    • Can't do it in Capital of traffic Fines, Melbourne, Australia. We have cameras to stop you from doing that. I had a fine to prove it! Ah, government of Victoria, BL**DY PARASITES!

        7 months ago
  • Who'd da thought that a world leader was on Top Gear.

      7 months ago