Who remembers when James May hosted a 3-mile long Scalextric race?

It went around the whole of the legendary Brooklands race track...or what's left of it.

49w ago

James May is well known for doing a lot of things. But I can almost bet you didn't know he hosted one of the most prestigious racing event...in the world. Which also happened to win the world record for being the world's longest slot car track.

A few years ago, Dr. May hosted a show called James May's Top Toys where he went around finding out and fiddling with some of the coolest toys out there, most of which were to do with science. His aim was 'to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant today when he pushes them to the limit in spectacular and supersize challenges.' Not my words, but words from the show themselves.

In this episode, James hosted a 3-mile long Scalextric race around Brooklands in Surrey. Brooklands was the world's first purpose-built 'banked' motor racing circuit and also happened to be one of Britain's first airfields. This meant it was the perfect place to hold this sort of event.

The race was against two gentlemen. One was controlling a red Aston Martin DBS and the other, a silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It was set to be a tense race. Only the fittest will win. What makes this event even better is that it also showcases a guest appearance from none other than Fifth Gear's Tiff Needell who you see sitting on top of a fence.

I won't spoil the race for you, nor can I be bothered to explain it, but I would highly recommend you watch it. It's a great race and a great set up.

If you want to try a mini version of this race for yourself, Amazon has loads of kits you can try out!

Who did you think would win?

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Comments (39)

  • Think Mr May needs to do this on another old iconic race track. Perhaps he could put a list to the Drivetribe community to choose and which ever wins is his next destination once out of lockdown...🏎️🏎️

      11 months ago
  • I was there. But i don’t remember much from it

      11 months ago
  • I loved toy stories, the Lego house and the full size airfix spitfire were incredible but this one was epic. Through housing estates that weren’t there through a sony site, then the lake oh and the busy roads. Was brilliant to watch and for the life of me i cant remember who won. Toy Stories and Man Lab were great series.

      11 months ago
  • We just rewatched this one this past week! And the toy train one :-)

      11 months ago
  • I also remember when he built an entire house out of LEGO’s

      11 months ago