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Who Should Replace The American On The Grand Tour?

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The American is out for the second season of The Grand Tour, and unless Amazon decides to release the news prior to the December 8th premiere date, we have no idea who the replacement driver will be.

Of course not knowing doesn't mean we won't try to guess, so that's what we're going to do today. Who should replace The American? Let's take a look at some candidates that make sense, and some that are just a pipe dream.

Ken Block

This is the one I hear tossed around the most often. Ken Block not only is the amazing driver behind the Gymkhana videos, but he has a history with the boys, appearing on a number of older Top Gear episodes. At one point, it was even rumored that Ken was The Stig on Top Gear US. If they want a well known racer, Ken Block is your man.

Mark Webber

Well well well, look who it is! Another Top Gear alum who is more than capable behind the wheel. It appears that with the news of The American's departure, one Mark Webber has decided to toss his hat into consideration. Imagine him being cast as the new driver and Richard and James never getting his name right. The jokes write themselves, folks.

Ben Collins

Hear me out; I know Ben Collins was The Stig for a number of years, and The Grand Tour can't have any Stig-like character on the show. But what if Ben Collins was the driver and was just...Ben Collins? No throwbacks to The Stig at all, and the three hosts making endless not so obvious but obvious comparisons to their rival show's silent counterpart.

Sebastian Vettel

We loved Sebastian when he appeared on Top Gear, right? He would be a great fit as the driver, especially since the boys once teased Michael Schumacher as The Stig, another Formula One maestro. Vettel's boyish charm and prowess behind the wheel would be an instant hit.

David Coulthard

Another Top Gear alum, Dave Coulthard had one of the more memorable segments on the show when he obliterated Jeremy's "plums" with some paintballs. As with any of the previous F1 drivers, David has more than enough talent behind the wheel, and his stoic demeanor would the Tommy Lee Jones to the boys' Will Smith from Men In Black.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He's retired now, why not? If The Grand Tour wanted to keep the theme of an American NASCAR good ol' boy, why not Dale Earnhardt Jr.? People love him and I bet he would be much more likeable than The American.

Let's hear your thoughts on who would be a good replacement for The American, and we'll tune in on December 8th to see if any of us were correct!


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  • James May.

    1 year ago
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  • My vote would be Collins. If he's busy I'll do it, but I could probably do with a bit of driver training to get up to speed. I'd need a sighting lap at the very least! :P

    1 year ago
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