Who the hell am I?

Woke up to find 170 people had joined this tribe. I probably owe you an introduction.

4y ago

Hi. My name is Ian Wright. I write words for my website BothHandDrive.com in a bid to improve my writing. I'll be doing the same here.

Here's some things you might like to know:

When there’s a cop following me I pretend I'm a fugitive from the law and drive as casual as possible. I haven’t been caught yet.

I’m originally from Essex in the UK and now live in California.

I’m originally from Essex so I have jumped a Ford Escort.

I hate washing cars, however once a year or so I will obsessively detail my wife’s but not my own.

I drive in a “brisk and businesslike fashion" because twenty years ago my driving instructor told me to.

I pride myself on being able to drive anything with precision, but I can’t for the life of me park a trailer.

Occasionally I'll drive a whole journey feeding the wheel, just to remind me how stupid the concept actually is.

I can enjoy driving a mini van if you give me the keys.

I can get lost even with GPS.

I don't understand Audi as a brand.

I've never had sex in a car. It seems like a lot of logistics I can’t be bothered to figure out.

I like front wheel drive cars as much as rear wheel drive.

When I was an apprentice mechanic, one time I forgot to do up the wheel nuts properly on a ladies car. I wasn’t concentrating because, to my shame, I was trying to hit on her.

I can engine swap a classic Mini in an hour but I'll be damned if I can find the window washer reservoir on my wife's CRV.

It took me nearly 20 years to get my first speeding ticket, and I got it on a road used in The Fast And The Furious movie.

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  • I almost feel like these days, Audi is for people who want to pay more for their VW and Skoda is for people want their VW cheap... Weird, but when you look at the parallel ranges and the fact they are so closely related...

      4 years ago
  • Yeah Martyn, Audi soes baffle me and for a while there it took over from BMW as the lease car for reps running around with contempt and arrogance pushed all the way to 11.

    I don't dislike Audi I just... don't get it. They always seem so... I just don't get it. I need someone that loves Audi to give me a thread to try and pull!

      4 years ago
  • Audi's! Ahhh... Precision, German engineering. They're for dentist's, architects and the Malcolms of this world. They're for people with mild autism, who like to arrange their pencils on their desk in straight, perpendicular lines.... At least that was the case, and maybe still is. However they are also the weapon of choice for all those ultra-aggressive Bavarian Motor Werks drivers who are fed up of having the image of being a BMW driver and having jokes made about driving exclusively in the outside lane, 13mm behind the car in front at 117 mph.... At least that's my perception! Technically, though - Audi do make very, capable, if sometimes boring cars.

      4 years ago