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Who wants 50 tribe coins?

Well this is very easy to enter I'll explain more

3w ago


Written by: Full Throttle

Today I have decided to give away 50 tribe coins. Yes 50! This competition is very easy to enter. Let me explain

How to enter

You must write your answer in the comments for a chance to win. I do not accept entries using any other methods such as DM me.

What do I want you to do?

I would like you to post a picture of your family car down below in the comments section to be entered into an online wheelspin. When I spin it after 2 days of the competition running. When the wheel stops spinning and it lands on someone they shall win the 50 tribe coins!

How do you know if you have won?

I shall award you 50 tribe coins using the comment you submitted below. You shall know if you have won as you can check your messages.

Good Luck!

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  • I don’t have a car, yet, so here’s my dad’s car.

      24 days ago
  • Check her out! 😂 As you can see we keep Penelope in good condition, though her skinny little tires are the kind that squeal a lot, and in the wet you lose grip on take off so she spins her wheels at lights when it's been raining! Very fun little car 🙂

      24 days ago
  • Beautiful car. Imagine it in grey and its ours.

      24 days ago
  • Here is my dad's e200d I don't have a car yet

      24 days ago
    • 24 days ago