Who wants a 725hp truck for less than £32k?

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4w ago


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This week: MINI’s getting GP with it, a 725hp truck for less than £32k, the most sold Ford GT in history, and a cool interior. This is the news.

MINI to debut GP III

The GP MINIs are the run out models – the ones that show the world just what could have been done had MINI’s engineers been given time, budget, and no concern for price.

There’s a new one teased for a 2020 release, pumping out 300 horses, sporting a ludicrous wing, and being rarer than a very rare thing indeed.

The previous two GPs were hilarious fun (though the first generation one remains the better of the two), so I’m pretty sure this thing’s going to be off the chain hilarious. Bring on 2020. Please be manual.

Who DOESN’T need a 725hp truck? I know I do.

America’s obsession with pickup trucks will forever confuse me, yet they’re huge business over there.

Who am I to complain? Especially when you can apparently buy an F150 with 725 horses on board. PARDON? A truck with that much power? That’s… insane. Surely they’ll be charging silly money for it. You kinda have to, riii… nope. A shade under £32,000 according to today’s exchange rate.

And it comes with a warranty. Where’s my Stetson? I’ve come over all pickuppy.


When the new Ford GT was announced a few people were disappointed that a limited number would be produced, and that not everyone who wanted one could have one.

To make sure new GTs weren’t bought and sold on for a profit by speculators, not only did Ford pick who’d get one but it made buyers sign a document stating they’d agree not to sell them on for two years.

Crash cut to John Cena buying, and swiftly selling, a new Ford GT long before two years had elapsed. Lawyers happened, settlements happened, and now there’s no beef between Cena and Ford, but his GT has been doing the rounds.

It keeps being bought and sold. It’s up for sale again. Maybe the fifth owner’s a charm?

The Honda Urban EV has a sweet interior

As we barrel towards a full unveil at the Geneva Motor Show, Honda’s been drip feeding us little nuggets about its Urban EV. Here’s the dashboard. It’s mostly screen, which is cool. And in keeping with the whole ‘future EV’ thing. Digging it.