- Full Credit: Ab Flabb

Who was at fault? Motorbike or HGV? This has caused some debate!

whilst on my way to work when a lorry ran a red and gave me a nice surprise,

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Full Credit: Ab Flabb

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Comments (64)

  • How did the old TV ad go? Don’t be an Amber gambler

      3 years ago
  • Both at fault. The LGV professional driver for not anticipating a changing aspect signal and braking accordingly. The biker for riding totally inappropriately. i.e riding over chevrons/hatchings too fast approaching a junction and expecting that junction to be clear immediately after a green has shown. Bikers need to ride defensively if they expect to live a long and happy life.

      3 years ago
  • Hgv at fault, he's gone through probably on red, realised it and floored it to the point where he's had to take the 'racing line' through the lights. Motorbike needs to approach with a little more caution though.

      3 years ago
  • typical tipper driver

      3 years ago
  • HGV at fault he jumped red light

      3 years ago