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  • Well, we don't know where/how far back the STOP LINE is, to the left, (it may be far back, to allow LGVs to turn

    in & out of that junction) so Truck could well have passed the stop line before his light turned red. Also what the light timing is between the lights, some change as soon as red one side, it's red/amber the other. Also, Motorcyclist hardly slowed, even when the Truck was on his road! (it appeared in view, just as M/c reached the back of the first car sat at lights, plenty of time to slow right down.) What if it'd been an emergency vehicle?

    1 year ago
  • Motorcyclist at fault over taking on the chevrons all the way.he is a dick

    1 year ago
    • I agree he was going too fast but there's nothing wrong with filtering through stationary traffic.

      11 months ago
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    • Yeah I agree its the freedom of the bike but you should treat chevrons like raised islands .

      11 months ago


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