Who will Replace the World Champion?

2y ago


Rosberg leads Hamilton in the Monaco grand prix

In this article we will explore who can replace Nico from the most likely to the most unlikely.

Pascal Wehrlein has been a Mercedes young driver for several years now.


Why he will replace Rosberg:

He would be the most obvious choice, he is German, he will be a clear number 2 driver and mercs can avoid the drama they have been facing for the last 2 years he is also very fast scoring Manors one single point in Austria this year, so he clearly is capable, not to mention he won the DTM crown in 2015 . after being overlooked by Force India he will be sure to get the chance of the lifetime being called up to replace Rosberg, much like Daniel Kyvat was called up to Red Bull to replace another German World Champion.

Why he will not replace Rosberg:

Pascal maybe too inexperienced for merc and with his reputation of being a brat (one of the reasons Force India chose Esteban Ocon over Pascal). he is also not the most marketable driver, Mercedes will really have a second look at him after he was over looked by force india another team he tested for.

Likelihood of being Chosen: Front runner for the seat. 90% chance

Ocon is another Mercedes young driver. signed on to be the replacement of the outgoing Hulkenberg at Force India


Why he will replace Rosberg: another Mercedes young driver, Force India believe he has more potential than his 2016 teammate Wehrlein. Force India has never stood in the way of its drivers when they wish to progress their career; Force India also could Bargain for a discount on their Mercedes engines that Mercedes provide. Ocon is also a team player, and that would greatly help Mercedes team chemistry.

Why he will not replace Rosberg:

He is already spoken for contractually, he isn't German, Force India May does not want to again spend time and money looking for a new driver and has openly stated they are their own team and not a feeder team. Ocon like Pascal is also much more Inexperienced and Mercedes may want to see how he reacts under pressure at a top team like Force India.

Likelihood of joining the silver arrows: likely but Mercedes may look at his new teammate Perez instead. i would say he has a 60% chance

Perez celebrates his podium in monaco

As a Formula One driver, you dream about winning your first race all your life. I am desperate to know what it feels like. -perez


Why he will replace Rosberg:

He is arguably the fastest non-champion on the grid that many believe is a guaranteed future world champion. He is mature and is very fast, he gets the headline-grabbing results and along with Hulkenberg is one of Formula 1's future stars. he has been on form since he debuted with Sauber. He is also one of the most marketable drivers on the grid. His contract is only for one more year and he is not expensive to buy out. He will be a tough team mate for Hamilton. Perez is mature and doesn't get intimidated by who he is racing. Mercedes would like a driver they can build their team around when Hamilton eventually leaves.

Why he will not replace Rosberg:

He expects equal status everywhere he goes. He does not want to be a NO.2 driver and may not listen to team orders when it comes to letting Hamilton through. Perez has gone wheel to wheel with Button and is very aggressive with team mates. Hamilton may not want a driver that could potentially beat him and break lewis's reputation.

Likelihood of joining: he is definitely high on the lists of every team and if there is an opening he would be one of the front runners. 75% chance