WHO WILL WIN TODAY? The 1300hp WTF86 has challenged an F1 car to a roll-race!

1y ago


We've talked about this for a week, but the day is finally upon us... Thanks to Caradvice and the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, we will actually get to make this happen. Today!

WTF86 with over 1100whp (~1300hp at the crank) vs The FA15 Footwork Arrows F1 car with around 650hp.

Having driven the 86, the extra weight isn't going to be the problem, but traction will be.. A pair of Mickey Thompson ET Streets courtesy of Tuner's Edge fill the rear guards, but will that be enough to go head to head with one of the worlds most ultimate racing machines from the 90's?

One way to find out... Check back later in the day for the results :)

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