- Image by Oversteer photography - he's rather good, go check out his Facebook page

Who'd like to see Clarkson on the back of a very fast motorbike?

2y ago


It's no secret the founder of this website isn't exactly what you'd call a motorcycle enthusiast

In the past he's had a pop at May & Hammond for their interest in bikes, whilst saying they all look the same, have stupid names and are boring.

Whilst he may have a point on the first two, he's definitely wrong about the third.

Image taken by Oversteer Photography. He's very good - check out his Facebook

The blue thing above that needs a metal stand to stop it falling over is Suzuki's 2017 GSX-R1000R. Yes, the name contains far too many 'R's, but it also does over 190 miles per hour and gets there quickly enough to make a Nissan GTR look very, very silly.

On a 140 mile trip today the bike averaged 80mph. That's with two fuel stops - the sat nav said the journey would take over three hours. The Suzuki got me there in an hour and forty five.

Jeremy must appreciate the benefits of filtering through traffic, albeit very slowly.

I'm sure even Jeremy can appreciate the benefits of a vehicle that's quicker point-to-point than anything this side of a helicopter.

He clearly appreciates being able to zip through traffic, as the shot of him on a vespa above shows. He's also dabbled in quick bikes before, here he is trying out Ducati's iconic 916 in 1994 (ish)

So - a proposal

To demonstrate to Clarkson just how fast a motorcycle can go, I'd like introduce 'project piss take'. It's a Suzuki Hayabusa with a very large turbocharger which gives the modest 1.4l engine an enormous 1000bhp, tuned by BigCC racing.

It's also road legal and most importantly, has a passenger seat!

If Jeremy fancies a quick zip on the back at Bruntingthorpe, I'd be honoured to borrow it for the day.

'Project Piss Take' - the 1000bhp Suzuki Hayabusa

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