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Who'll fill Red Bull's 2020 seat?

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The decision regarding the second Red Bull driver for the 2020 season has become complicated after Pierre Gasly failed to meet expectations, which paved way for Alexander Albon to be slotted in the seat at the start of the summer break.

While a controversial move at first, Albon was quick to adapt and has since gained an edge over Gasly in the fight for the 2020 Red Bull seat, as his dependability has kept him in good standing with the team. Horner likes the rookie, but explicitly doesn’t want to take any hasty decisions, after what happened in 2018, when choosing Gasly.

“Albon is doing a good job and I think we don’t need to make any hasty decisions but all the drivers are under contract for next year,” said Horner to the media. “We will take our time and at the relevant time come to a conclusion.

“In USA, Albon did another very strong job. He is very decisive in his overtaking, he is very efficient in making his way through the traffic. He has a good feel for what is going on with the car and now he has moved in to P6 in the drivers’ championship after seven races.

“So he continues to impress the team with his development.” The Thai racer is sixth with 84 points but Gasly has done well in Toro Rosso as well. Since being relegated, the Frenchman has scored in four of the seven races to be eighth with 77 points.

It looks more like the fight will be between Albon and Gasly, while Daniil Kvyat stays back in Toro Rosso. Albon, meanwhile, also gave himself a pat on the back as he felt proud of his accomplishments of late with Red Bull, where he has fought back from adversity.

Albon also stated that he is not too worried – whether he stays with Red Bull and or goes back to Toro Rosso. “I mean, I’m happy with how it’s going, if it’s good enough we’ll see,” said Albon to the media.

“I am not too focused on that, to be honest. I think I’ve said it a few times but on my side it’s more just focusing on the races, and if they’re happy with my results, of course they’re going to keep me. I’d like to think they would keep me for next year.

“But I’ve still got to work on it, I’ve still got to improve, I still feel there’s more in there. So, just pushing for the next few races. As I said, I haven’t put too much thought in it. Of course I want to be in the team next year, that’s an inevitable goal.

“But it’s not something I’m too worried on. I just feel like, in either case I feel like I have a strong case to stay in F1 next year, whether it be Toro Rosso or Red Bull, not too fussed, I just want to focus on those races and we’ll see how it goes.

“I think, when you don’t stress about things not in your control – I mean, of course technically they’re in your control because you’re doing the results, but really it’s not your choice whether you stay, there’s no reason to worry or get stressed about anything.

“I would say my past helps me stay quite relaxed. I’ve been through it before. So, stuff like this is not stressful at all to be honest,” he summed up, talking about his build-up into F1, where he got a last-minute drive after being looked down before, but managed retained his cool.

[This article was also written by me on Formula Rapida, and edited by Darshan Chokhani]

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  • Albon looks like he's going to keep his seat. No podiums, but he's giving P5s and P4s consistently.

    4 days ago


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