Whoop whoop, a new Suzuki GSX is coming

Tim Rodie is excited

Suzuki won the 2020 Moto GP, their first championship win in 20 years and now the Japanese maker, one of the few brands that know how to build cars as well as motorbikes, is gearing up for the launch of the latest iteration of one of the company's flagship products, the GSX-S1000.

The upgraded model, scheduled to be unveiled on April 26, comes in with brand new LED lights and it is, in the words of Suzuki, "ready to strike".

The current-gen GSX-S1000 is powered by a 999c engine, producing 150.8 hp and 79.6 torque, so I'm expecting the new model to be more efficient, lighter and slightly more powerful. I guess we'll find on April 26.

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