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Who's going to win? Predictions please!

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Working in broadcasting has its advantages, I get to play with stuff like this before the public. The rumble seat, VR goggles and hand grips give an interactive experience as you start the Curfew race inside the arena seen in episode 1.

I can talk on the CB with a choice of responses, check our location and position on the race box, poke around in the glove box, look around me, but really I'm along for the ride with the dodgy looking geezer sat next to me. He doesn't let me take the wheel, which is a shame as he winds up rolling the car into a ditch where we are surrounded by infected - GAME OVER! This is just a taster though, if the show is a success then hopefully we'll see a full version released, with the option to drive, chose your own vehicle and pick your own crew.

Warning systems like this line the streets in the world of Curfew

As for the show, we're up to episode 3 now and things are hotting up. The first episode introduced some of the key race teams and gave us a bit of background to the Curfew that exists around the world. 'Infected' roam the streets at night, they're fast and they kill indiscriminately. A mysterious billionaire, Max Larssen, is offering a way out. Algorithms were his thing; he wrote code, built systems, predicted the future and invested accordingly. He predicted the virus, bought an island in the South Pacific and filled it with the resources to survive for 60 years. He began to populate the island with engineers, composers and artists. All he needs now are people with fire in their bellies who will do anything to survive. That's why he created the race.

Boxes like these (theirs are black - and work!) show racers location, race positions and notifications. They can also be used to communicate with other teams.

Team Ambulance

Ruby breaks boyfriend Michael out of a secure medical facility, they steal a Mclaren and then flip it off of, what looks to be, one of the flyovers on London's A40! In desperation they enlist Ruby's paramedic sister, Kaye, and her ambulance. We learn that before the outbreak Kaye worked, with her mother, as a research scientist but mum became infected. Kaye also has a history with Michael who she knew from that same research facility, a facility who believe Michael may be the key to curing infection.

Team Volvo

Then there's the Donahue family; they seem like a sweet nuclear family, husband, wife, son, daughter. They look out of place in a race full of crazy, badass lunatics as they roll into the arena in the family Volvo. They don't belong there, they know they don't belong there, but son Roman is in trouble. He's uncovered information which has put his whole family in danger. For the Donahues, it's run or die! They don't look to stand much of a chance, dad didn't even make the start line and none of the others can drive. Step in Zane, daughter Megan's boyfriend who takes to the wheel of the Volvo.

Team Jag

The General (Sean Bean) and Faith are competing in the XJS. They're a strange couple, she's much younger than him and heavily pregnant. The General made his name pulling off high-stakes heists no one else had the balls for. Now they supply an increasingly desperate population with what they need to survive in the world of the Curfew. His moods are disturbing and you wonder how Faith got caught up with him; you'll find out in episode 3! Without giving too much away, let's just say there's only one person Faith puts before the General and that's her baby. She wants her baby to grow up in a place free from the curfew, and that means winning the race.

Team Awesome - VW Camper

Joker Jones (Billy Zane) takes the wheel of the VW Camper. He and his crew are internet sensations who catch their insane, death defying feats on camera. He chases chaos wherever he can find it, seemingly oblivious to the trigger happy authorities. Team mate 'Cheese' was working as a government engineer installing Curfew boxes when he met Joker. He thinks of himself as a Matador of the Night, rebelling against an authoritarian system. His name stems from his catchphrase 'say cheese' said when taking a selfie at the end of their online videos. Completing the VW crew is El Capitano, most often seen standing on the roof of the camper in a Kevlar Chicken suit. He's a thrill seeker who seems to embrace the pain and humiliation that goes with his madcap stunts .....so you'll be surprised to hear that 5 years ago he was pre-eminent psychoanalyst! Who knows if we'll find out what happen in Brazil that saw this dramatic change in his life?

Team Tow Truck

The series hasn't yet introduced us to the tow truck team, but you can see them in the background at the start line. Lou Collins (Miranda Richardson) and her partner Sue hail from Manchester, where they were powerhouses of industry. Life was great for them and their adopted daughter, until Sue was enlisted by Max Larssen as one of the engineers on his paradise island. Lou, left to raise their daughter alone is racing to reunite her family. Daughter Hanmei joins her mum in the tow truck, she's 18, suspicious of strangers and very perceptive. She is close to her mum but hiding a huge, heart-breaking secret from her.

Those are the teams that seem to be the main focus of this series but there are plenty of other race cars to look out for; the monster truck, the pink Porsche convertible, a hot hatch, a BMW i8 ....wonder where he's going to charge that up! All in all a fun watch so far, can't wait for episode 4!

Pulse beacons

Oh I found these things lying around at work too. They're pulse beacons, they emit a frequency that attracts the infected. Could be useful!