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Now I'm not looking for a definitive answer, this is merely for discussion - What do you think is the greatest hot hatch...Ever

Now then. We all knew this question would pop up at some point in this tribe so I thought I'd ask it now - what do you think is the greatest hot hatch?

This is a difficult question for me to answer personally as I've had great experiences in a number of hot hatches and for that I'm very grateful. One of the cars that first springs to mind though is the Peugeot 205 GTI. I was lucky enough to drive a restored model last May and I have to say, it's an experience I'll never forget.

They say don't meet your heroes - screw that!

They say don't meet your heroes - screw that!

The car felt so light and nimble, you could really throw it in to the corners. Well, within reason of course, the 205 GTI is well known for its rear end antics and I actually experienced that one corner when I got a little too confident with the steering input. It's been said time and time again but it feels like a bit go kart and it provides a raw, analogue driving experience. If you ever get chance to drive a 205 GTI then grab it with both hands - and you're mouth if you have to.

There are of course other hot hatches I've enjoyed other the years including the current Honda Civic Type R, Ford Focus ST (both generations), SEAT Leon Cupra, Suzuki Swift Sport (I know, it's a warm hatch) and of course, my very own SEAT Ibiza FR.

So what would you choose as your ultimate hot hatchback?

Main feature image source: Autocar

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