Who's looking forward to car shows in 2021?

These should have been the days of the LA Auto Show but, alas, it was postponed

6w ago

If this were a normal year, I'd pack, walk to the nearest station, get on the train. Then another train. Then another train. Then another one to the airport. Then I'd fly Norwegian (don't look at me like that, I'm broke) to LAX, take the Green bus to the metro station, get to DTLA and kick-start a 30-day workation in Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show. The 2019 edition was amazing. I'm happy I made it there.

Unfortunately, alas, none of that was possible this year, so all I could do is look at memories and old pictures and videos. And I miss the cars and the parties and the exhibitions. And I miss being driven around on (fake) ice in a Toyota GT86.

The LA Auto Show was postponed to May 2021. I know organizers keep saying their shows were 'postponed' and not 'cancelled' for bureaucratic reasons (i.e. refunds) but I still think it's weird to have a 2020 car show in a different calendar year but I digress. The point is, the LA Auto Show is still on, unlike the Geneva Show which is not gonna happen in 2021 either. The Detroit Show (NAIAS) should also happen, and what else am I missing? Goodwood Revival and the Frankfurt Motor Show, both postponed to September 2021.

I apologize, I keep banging on about the show in LA but what can I say? I love it.

What's your favourite car show?

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