Why 2017 Is Shaping Up To Be Awesome For F1

'New Year New Start’ We hear it every year, how the new year will be greater than the last, but this year it really could be.

4y ago

1. We don’t know who’s gonna win.

Last year we would turn up at every race wondering which Mercedes would have the upper hand, knowing that there was a 90% probability that one of the silver arrows drivers would be atop the podium come Sunday afternoon. This year we genuinely go to each race weekend not knowing. With two different race winners from two different teams in the first two races, it stands to reason that their team mates could easily be winners this year, and we believe Red Bull are getting closer too! A 6 way fight for victory every weekend is just what we need!

2. The cars look fantastic.

The new regulations for 2017 have provided us with wide and low cars that sit squat to the track, they look fast and mean. Then you watch them change direction and corner and it takes your breath away. The new cars look amazing, harking back to the ‘golden era’ of F1 with the fat sticky tyres and eye blistering cornering speeds. An added bonus is that they are more physical to drive and will really separate the men from the boys.

3. The stewards aren’t getting too involved.

We’ve seen in the first two Grand Prix of the season that the stewards are being a lot more lenient, allowing drivers to race and fight on track, F1 is a contact sport and drivers will touch, allowing them the freedom to fight without risk of being made to sit in the naughty chair really allows them to go for it.

4. Overtaking is much much better

This may be seen as slightly controversial as there clearly will be less overtaking this year, we’ve seen that quite clearly from the first two races, however what we have seen is that to nail a pass, your going to have to work hard for it. No more reliance on the DRS, this is a year for the purist with real passing moves created by on-the-limit drivers out-foxing each other. DRS seems less useful this year but in a very good way, its allowing people to get close enough without doing the hard work for them. Personally this is a perfect scenario, you want to pass, you’re gonna have to make it happen yourself.

5. The new owner effect

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months you’ll know that F1 has new owners. Their effect is clearly beginning to be felt. Small changes such as the relaxation of rules allowing teams to make video’s and be more pro-active on social media over a weekend will bring all of us fans closer to the sport. This rule also allows drivers more freedom on social media and as such if you follow Lewis Hamilton on Instagram you will see he provides a real insight into a drivers weekend. We will hopefully see more teams and drivers active. You will also notice the F1 group is providing lots of video content on its YouTube channel and app now, including quick race re-caps just an hour or so after the race, this is a massive step forward and we will see this kind of content increase throughout the year.

As you can see, F1 is much improved this year, long may it continue. I can’t wait for Bahrain this weekend! As always let me know what you are most looking forward to about F1 2017 in the comments below.

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Comments (13)

  • Getting passed is very easy, just brake really early, or late and run wide, and you're sure to be passed. That or drive a McLaren.

    Getting past, on the other hand, does require some skill.

      4 years ago
  • I know it's not relevant and I know it will probably get me lambasted by the 'purists' but the grammar on the headline article is shocking!

      4 years ago
  • The big thing for me is that it looks like there's two teams and potentially 4 drivers who have a realistic chance to win any race.

    If DRS has lost some of it's effect, drop it. I don't know if it can be dropped mid-season, but I would do ASAP.

    Need to get rid of fuel saving too. Hopefully the cars become efficient enough to drive pretty much flat out for a race distance, which looks like it's starting to happen. Refueling during pit stops might mean overtaking in the pits like we saw lots of a few years ago, so that's best avoided. Kid of glad that wasn't introduced this year.

      4 years ago
  • Get past or get passed?

      4 years ago
  • Personally, I don't undestand how:

    - DRS = gifted overtake (2000's)

    - slipstream = deserved overtake (before 2000's)

    It's not pratically the same? Just the car behind can go faster.

    The fact that the effect is "natural" (before) or "artificial" (now: because can't exist anymore)... how can it be so important?

    The important should be the fact that the effect is pratically the same: the driver behind can go faster, to overtake.

      4 years ago