Why 2020 could be the best year for club racers

Lower level motorsport, and those that compete in it are going to experience heaven this year.

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Since the early days of this year, you may have been hearing a certain term, COVID-19. The disease is what has caused the global panic we’re currently experiencing and is the reason large-scale events are taking place in eerily quiet stadiums, arenas and more relevant to my point, racetracks.

Most weekends now, we are being bombarded by motorsport events taking place around the world but with one key difference to previous summers, grandstands are empty, and the only sound heard after a daring overtake is the whistle of nearby birds. And engines. Before this whole pandemic began, a lot of us were used to spending our weekends having our internal organs vibrated and our ears turned to tinnitus machines by the sound of a passing racecar. With those high-level events being closed off to you and I, that leaves us with a simple question, where to next?

Club racing: Where drivers’ dreams begin, and ours continue

As a fan of series like IMSA, F1 and Moto GP, you may feel that it’s best to sit back on your sofa and witness your favourite athletes compete. However, nothing truly beats being sat on a rock-hard seat with the summer sun beating down on your balding scalp in front of real life racecars battling it out at your local track. That goes for the highest echelons of the sport and also for the lower entry-level events.

Recently, I woke up on a Saturday morning at six o’clock, packed a bag with my camera, a sandwich and a bottle of water and arrived at the Paul Armagnac circuit at Nogaro for the French GT4 championship. Attending this event, despite receiving much less admiration than Formula 1, was better than watching even the best Grand Prix.

The feeling is shared by many motorsport fans as crowds at these smaller events have grown drastically since lockdown restrictions lessened. It seems more and more people are getting the urge to join the crowd beside their local track even if the racing is done by John and Bob from up the road. For this reason, those competing in club events towards the latter part of this year are going to experience something only top-level racers usually ever do, a crowd.

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  • It’s been the best year for absolutely f#<king nothing here. We’re not allowed out and haven’t been for months. I used one tank of fuel since Feb!

      16 days ago
    • Where do you live? Sorry to hear you guys are still having a rough time.

        16 days ago
    • Melbourne Australia. The COVID a$$hole of the earth. We’re all in home detention still! There are rapists and murderers with more freedom.

        16 days ago