Why A 64hp EV-Shooting Brake From a Die-Cast Maker is Exactly What You Need

Did you just say EV, and Shooting Brake?

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On one day in 2009, I don't know what went into the heads of the Die-Cast makers at Herpa. A diecast brand located in Bavaria- the words "die-cast" and "Bavaria" will surely make Vincent Hohlich jump in glee.

On that fateful day, a dude at Herpa, got the brilliant idea to resurrect a brand and a car hated by practically everyone, they resurrected the Trabant. Unlike everyone else, I love the Trabant- but I do have several gripes with it. One, the Trabant's engine sucks, two, the tires are made from plastic, and the fact that you need to use a dipstick to measure the fuel.

Those issues were exactly what Herpa wanted to solve in 2009. The Trabant nT by Herpa, solved almost all Trabi issues, while still retaining the attractive Trabant design.

The Crappy Engine? Gone. Fuel Dipstick? Gone, no fuel in this.

Let's Talk Trabant nT

The Trabant nT concept , fixes all the old Trabant's engine issues by eliminating the engine. This Trabant is electric, we don't know the size of the battery, because this is a 12 year old concept car, but its motors churn out a healthy 64 horsepower. You don't need that dipstick because you don't have a fuel tank in this car. Herpa reckons this car is good for 130km/h, and that is a nice thing, because I don't think you will ever go over 100 in a city.

The nT, looks gorgeous, and to me, is a better alternative to the Honda E. It is a small and compact city car- a brand automakers decided to remember again, on the year of 2020.

The nT was revealed in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, and Herpa said that they'd start producing it by 2012, when they have a reliable investor, but nobody decided to invest in it, and the nT remained a concept, and will probably be one for eternity.

Why Should You Want a Trabant nT Concept by Herpa?

The nT, and the Honda E, have very similar specs, the E is just 10 km/h faster than the nT, however, the E has twice the amount of power the nT has. However who cares about power in an electric car when you really can't feel that power.

Being a big fan of retro design and the Trabant- this one combines both of them, without feeling too modern or too old. The reason why you should want an nT over an E is the fact that it looks better, much better.

It is also a shooting brake, with its design being directly related the the Trabant 601, estate.

My taste doesn't really coincide with that of the standard enthusiast, and that can be reflected in my love of the Trabant.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the nT too!

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