Why a new wave of luxury car modifications should happen.

During the early days of motoring, cars were not yet in the mass production era, hence, customers of a new car would need to have the chassis, suspension, drivetrain, steering system, etc, yet would also need a coach builder to build the body of the car. This, to an extent, was the first era of car modifications. Every owner of a car had an original design, each car fit the personal specifications of the owner and that made the owner happy. What I’m trying to say is originality is what needed to be seen in the modifying and tuning section of the car community. Now I’m not saying originality is dead, I mean, look at the late 90’s/early 2000’s era, every modified car looked completely different, and although it wasn’t to everyones taste, the owner was happy with it. In the 21st century however, ‘originality’ is now seen as lore. Every car meet/show/event you will see at least 1… no, 10… no, too many, rocket bunny, liberty walk, stance, and track inspired styled cars, every car nowadays is keeping to this trend, that if your car isn’t like everyone elses, it’s not cool.

Now keeping with trends isn’t a bad thing, it just tends to become repetitive, boring and predictable. Yet recently I thought of something. Eventually, a new wave of automotive tuning and modifications will arise, and yes I’m pretty sure there was already a post about car trends that will come back, but there is one which I don’t believe anyone has mentioned. With modifiying cars, comfort is the one thing no one takes into consideration. Usually cars are stripped of the interior, and a racing seat is placed in, along with lowered suspension, which improves performance yet ruins the ride comfort. Majority of modified cars are for specific events or conditions, such as track, dirft, drag, rallycross, rally stages, etc. Despite this, there isn’t really a market for luxury modifications.

As I am writing this, the only tuning company which does anything remotely similar to luxury modifications is Maybach. To those who aren’t familiar with Maybach, the company was originally a German car manufacturer, founded in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and his son. In 1960 Maybach was acquired by Daimler-Benz and remains nowadays as a luxury car brand of Mercedes-Benz that is owned by Daimler AG. Daimler currently produces an ultra luxury edition of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class under the Maybach brand. Other than Maybach there really isn’t anyone else.

Maybach has very nearly no form of competition in the luxury modification department, and the only other cars which are built with the intent of luxury are built straight from the factory, thus Maybach is a Monopoly, meaning they control this entire section of car mofications with no one else to offer similar mods and give Maybach a run for their money. This genuinely is an untapped market for the modifcation scene. Some small or even larger modification companies could and should potentially invest in the luxury modification market. It would provide benefits to said companies as many investors and customers would take interest as they would have the funds to do so. However there is a draw back, and it’s pretty much what I just said; money and the customers.

Although it would be a great investment for modifiying companies, the only customers it would benefit, would be those who have hundreds-of-thousands or even millions of dollars/pounds/euros/yen/etc. next to their names, hence, the rest of us who can barely afford a descent second-hand car, will miss out. Albiet, since it is an untapped market, there is the opportunity for research and development into lost cost luxury modifications, meaning it would be accessible to even the most frugal of car owners, and may begin a new wave of car modifications.

Now, this is all based around a thought I had while driving and this is my personal opinion. To be very honest I don’t think this idea may even happen because of the ‘trendy’ modifications, it could be easily thrown out the window. Yet if some of these modification companies take the idea into consideration, then this ‘new wave’ of modifications may no be so daft.

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  • the return of coachbuilding is something we've talked about on our podcast (TeamClearCoat) before. It went out of fashion because of unibody construction, but now with electric cars - especially Tesla's "skateboard chassis" - expect to see a resurgence. Once electric car chassis become commodities, coahbuilt cars will become cheaper and more common.

    2 years ago


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