Why a seat ibiza fr?

Ok, as much as i love seat, I will admit the ibiza fr is probably not the first choice on people's list when it comes to buying a used hot hatch.

So this post explains why I opted for the Ibiza FR. Not that it's a bad car by any means but I concede it's the the best hot hatch money can buy. Do I still love it though? Yes I do, I've had it two years now and I still enjoy every drive I have in it.

When I was looking at a car to replace my lethargic 1.2 Renault Clio (2012 model) I had certain criteria due to the way I was buying it. This meant it couldn't be older than 10 years and it had to have less than 100,000 miles on the clock. Oh, and my budget was £5,000 if memory serves me right.

Ripping up the tarmac at Cadwell Park

Ripping up the tarmac at Cadwell Park

This meant cars like the Golf GTI were out of my realms, as was anything offered by Audi. The Focus ST was a no go as well. One ST was within reach though and that was of course the mk1 Fiesta ST. I test drove one and I rather enjoyed it but the 2.0 litre engine put me off due to insurance, plus I think the interior look too dated. Yeah, I know, that's pedantic.

Oh and it had three doors whereas I had gotten used to the ease of having doors. I know, hot hatches look better with three doors! I didn't fancy the Polo GTI either, nor did I fancy the diesel powered Fabia vRS. I did look at an Ibiza Cupra which has been remapped to 235bhp but I was hesitant because of insurance purposes.

I also tested the Leon Cupra R which was MENTAL but it was too old to be viable. Shame. As was the EP3 Civic Type R which I also had my eye on. A Mazda MX5 was also an option but I was frightened I would miss the practicality of a hatchback. So this led me to the SEAT Ibiza FR. The first time I drove it I enjoyed it, even though it was up the road, round a roundabout and then back down.

Since owning the car I've covered about 15,000 miles, taken it on two track days (Snetterton and Cadwell Park) and I've dragged it at Santa Pod. The car is yet to see plenty more action though and my aim is to take it to the Nurburgring for my 30th birthday (I'm 26 now). I'm also playing about with getting it remapped next year to bring the power from 148bhp to 205bhp! I'm very tempted so watch this space...

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  • Looking forward to seeing how this pans out

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