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*DISCLAIMER : This post is not scientifically proved. This post does not target Tesla.

*DISCLAIMER 2 : If you bought a Tesla or you are Elon Musk, don't read this article. I warned you.

*DISCLAIMER 3 : I am not affiliated with Koenigsegg or any petrol powered car manufacturers.

Many people tend to think and say electric vehicles(EV) are much more enviro-friendly than normal petrol cars. But is it really is?

Image from EIA

Image from EIA

To begin, we should think about the power source of EV. Although many EV marques advertise their cars as 'powered by a clean energy source', the reality isn't. If we look at the example of the US, 77.6% of the energy we earn from is produced from fossil fuel and nuclear power which has diverse drawbacks like safety and waste problems fill up 9%. Even if we look at electricity generation by source, it isn't that bright. Although renewable energy sources are producing more electricity than the past years, but still fossil fuels take up a huge part.

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Then we have to ask. Why not power our vehicles directly by oil instead. When fossil fuel is burnt to generate electricity, most of its energy is lost through heat. (Look at the process of thermal power generation) Instead of loosing megajules of energy in the process, it is way better to just directly power our cars with oil. I am not saying that the fossil fuel they use in thermal power generation can be directly pumped into cars but saying that EV is going through an unnecessary process.

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​And the even worse news is that the fossil fuel used to power these thermal power plants are actually more harmful to the environment when used. Most thermal power plants are powered by coal. Coal is cheap and easy to refine but it has a terrible disadvantage known as 'smoke'. Most thermal power plants use brown coal or bituminous coal, which produce smoke. Although there are types of coal that do not produce smoke like anthracite, but the cost of it makes it impossible for power plant use. Smoke caused by burning coal increases the chance of getting cancer and causes serious respiratory problems. In comparison, smoke coming out from modern cars are more safer, usually consisted of carbon dioxide and water.

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Furthermore, there are recycling problems with EVs. Since, it has only been a few years since EVs were widely sold, the waste problem is not being spotlighted. When you scrap a car, most of it is just lumps of steel. However when you scrap an EV, quite a significant part of it is the battery. Now without proper recycling and dismantling process batteries produce great harm to the environment. Since batteries contain lots of heavy metals, it can contaminate the soil and water and even cause poisoning to human beings.

​So if you were thinking that EVs are powered by solar power generators and wind turbines, that is just a fantasy by electric car marques. The reality is these cars are running on 'dirty electricity' and will produce more environmental problems in the future.

Oh, by the way somebody might ask, "Then why is a Koenigsegg more environmental?" Well, the answer is because Koenigsegg runs on biofuel, which is produced from organic material. Although biofuel has issues related to hunger in Africa, that is for an another story.