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Why all petrolheads should get on their hands and knees and worship Dodge

More specifically, Dodge SRT

25w ago

Let's get one thing out of the way...

I adore Dodge. I may be biased. But you'll see why

Ahh, 2020

A hateful year for us isn't it? Worse for me because I've been dealing with health issues all year. And it's another year where ever-downsized engines and more electrification have been prominent. In recent years we've lost the beautiful high-revving flat-6 in the Cayman to a 4 pot in all except the GT4 line (correct me if I'm wrong here). Ford made a disgusting disgraceful electric SUV and had the nerve to call it a Mustang.They got rid of the Focus RS as well, because of (you guessed it) emissions regulations. The enemy of the petrolhead

But one company has been taking a rather different approach...

By that I mean instead of downsizing and looking for better hybrid systems and better CO2, they've been focusing on speed. And superchargers. Oh, and did I mention they are the king of naming engines?

2JZ? LS1? RB26? That's cute. We have the HEllcrate and the HELLEPHANT! Supra?? Skyline??? NSX????? Don't make me laugh. We have the CHALLENGER, the CHARGER, the DURANGO. Top-spec charger? HELLCAT! Challenger? HELLCAT REDEYE AND THE DEMON! DEMON! Yeah these guys know how to name things.

Ahh, Dodge

The company that solves problems by stuffing massive supercharged V8'S at the front of their car. To quote Hammond on the Hellcat,"They'd make {the engine} out of stone if they could!". He grinned while saying that. So did I

Dodge are with us!

Whereas other muscle cars are straying from their roots, like the C8 becoming mid engined (which I'm cool with), or...the Mach E (NOT cool with), Dodge are sticking to their guns. Old-fashioned V8 motor (because that's what they say in Americaland) up front. More power you ask?Turbos are bs. Too laggy. Hybrid? What in this multiverse is a hybrid. Oh you mean like the Prius? Oh no,I'll pass thanks!

Some new to cars may ask why is sticking with old school, outdated stuff good?!

Few reasons. Primarily noise. Ever heard the supercharged whine of the Demon? It's my message tone. THAT'S how much I adore it. Noise is a huge, huge part of the personality of a car. Rest assured that Dodge ain't doing none of that electricity shenanigans anytime soon unless they're forced to. Big, noisy V8 for life! Tradition helps too!

I bet any Shelby or Camaro ZL1 or the C8 Corvette could smoke the Demon!

And you'd be right. Both are defintely brainer and slghtly less brutish and could probably leave the Demon on any circuit (save maybe La Sarthe because of the massive straights. Then again It'd have a tough time around the Porsche curves). But there's just something about rolling up to a drag strip in a car you bought for 60k dollars (They're worth around 140 know), and knowing you could smoke every single thing in sight on a drag strip.

One trick pony. Can't do anything else

Comfy 4 seater cruiser. This is the boot


When the 911 becomes all-electric or loses that flat-6, when the Ford GT becomes a 4cyl hybrid, when the Mustang becmes electric and the Camaro becomes a V6 hybrid. When we think allis lost. ICE is dying. We millenials are the last generation to see new petrol-powered cars. We dream of the V8s,V10s and V12s returning but they never do. We lose all hope, and then we see spy footage of a new SRT. Wide, Chunky fenders, angry-looking front and just a look that makes it looks like a formidable brute. You can see It's inspired by an old Charger, but it looks angrier. Then it revs. No, it roars. The supercharger whines manically, and the car leaps forward and is soon nothing but a speck in the distance. Just as fast, we're on the edge of our seats instead of miserably sleeping drunk in it. Dodge is here to remind us that SRT is alive.

And the V8 won't go down without a fight

Not worth worshipping Dodge you think? Why are you here then (jkjkjk). Fight me in the comments if you think to the contrary

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Comments (34)

  • Dodge is far superior to chevy or ford

      5 months ago
  • First off, I agree with basically everything you said. Especially this;

    "Ford made a disgusting disgraceful electric SUV and had the nerve to call it a Mustang."

    Yes. I hate that.

      5 months ago
  • Dodge has got some brilliant vehicles. The challenger probably holding the crown for the longevity of the company’s current structure. Although I wonder when Dodge will update the chassis of the Challenger, and the Charger for that matter. They’re still based on a 2000s Merc E Class platform, with 2000-era Merc electronics etc. a bit old tech, no? Especially for a performance oriented vehicle

      5 months ago
    • Dodge is all old tech. They’ve ignored the trend of developing hybrids and just stuffed bigger V8s into anything that’ll fit them, including the Durango. A Durango Hellcat is supposed to be on the way. I can’t wait!

        5 months ago
  • I love Dodge,though I'm not a big fan like I'm for Mercedes.Still,the cars they make is just amazing!!

    Rlly want them to revive the Viper(And yikes,no electric Viper,please!!)

      5 months ago
    • So do I, although it won’t happen. V10s have unfortunately died now, and if the Viper ever comes back it’s gonna be with a V8 or something smaller and frankly I’d prefer it stayed dead than be sacrilegously revived

        5 months ago
    • That's a very harsh truth,sadly😫

        5 months ago
  • I have faith in the petrol engine solely on dodge and mazdas shoulders. Mazda doesn’t seem to be obvious, but they haven’t changed the Mx-5 formula, and saw the rotary Dorito engine until emissions forced it out, them mentalists down at mazdaspeed I have faith in.

      5 months ago
    • Mazda is a mystery. I do hope they keep churning out the MX-5 without electrification for as long as possible

        5 months ago