W​hy Are Ferrari's Mission Logos Missing At The French Grand Prix?

W​e've all noticed the dissapearance of the livery's most striking feature: the green Mission logos. Here's what happened

5w ago

S​Ince tobacco magnate Phillip Morris set up Mission Winnow in late 2018 to promote a tobacco free future, using alternatives instead. Ferrari have had its logo adorning their cars on the engine cover, rear wing and nose. This year with a bright green logo on the engine cover and black logos on the rest of the car (which has actually grown on me... yes I know, please don't hit me). For a long time the Mission Winnow logos have also been missing in the F1 video games and for most of the 2020 season (due to complaints from the Italian government). So why?

I​t all has to do with controversy. In the F1 games, Codemasters cannot feature tobacco advertising in their games otherwise it couldn't be rated as G or PG which would limit their market significantly. On the real life cars, it is because Phillip Morris wishes to avoid any potential controversy or scrutiny over the logos breaking the increasingly strict EU tobacco advertising laws. This is why the logos will not appear at any of the EU rounds this season that have implemented such laws, France is the first but there will be more to come like the British Grand Prix.

Riccardo Parino, VP Global Partnerships at Philip Morris has said, "The Mission Winnow logo will not be featured on the Scuderia Ferrari livery during races in the EU, starting with the French Grand Prix this weekend," and "We acknowledge the mistrust and abundance of scepticism towards our industry. However, our intention is not to create controversy around the application of the logo but rather focus on re-framing global conversations, building communities, and supporting innovative ideas that drive positive change."

I​instead of Mission Winnow logos, Ferrari now have Amazon AWS logos on their front nose for this weekend and more.

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