- A​ four door convertible.

W​hy are four door convertibles so good?

M​y attempt at writing an article about four door convertibles without mentioning the words style and prestige once.

T​his won't be easy, but it should be possible since four door convertibles have so many other advantages.

S​implicity of finding a parking space

T​his might sound stupid since four door convertibles in most cases are longer than two door ones, but in most cases the lenght of the parking space is not the issue, the width is. Cars with four doors have shorter doors than cars with only two, which is why it's always the more practical choice to buy a hatchback with four doors than one with two even if you only need two. In tight parking spaces, which are easier to find than wide ones, you can open shorter doors at a wider angle than longer ones, which means it's easier to get in and out of, you know?


B​ut now let's get on with far more important advantages. If you organize an event like a festival you might need an entrance and exiting area, and if you forget organizing one of those you're in big trouble. Or are you? Not with a four door convertible, because you can simply park that in the entrance area sideways. Since there are two doors on each side of the car you automatically have two gateways then, one to enter and one to exit the festival. This wouldn't be the case with a two door convertible.

C​atching a criminal

I​n many crime shows you can see the following situation: A criminal is running on a sidewalk, and when he's running next to a car someone opens the car's door so the criminal runs against it and possibly even falls over it. This looks very easy on TV, but of course the actors have practice, if you try this for the first time you might miss the criminal. In a two door convertible, the criminal would be able to flee now. In a four door convertible however, you have another door which means another try, so stopping the criminal is far more likely, and that means a four door convertible is a benefit for the world's society.

P​rotection from bird excrements

A​ huge problem when driving a convertible is the risk of having a bird excrement landing on top of you. However, birds are blinded by chromed elements when the sun is shining, like for example the door handles on many classic cars. If you have a two door convertible, you'll only have two of these door handles which won't bother many birds. If you have four door handles however, all the birds will be blinded heavily and will fly away in an annoyed state instead of flying over your convertible and being able to empty themselves into it.

A​s it recently turned out, four door convertibles are seen as stupid by many people and with a few exceptions (or actually just one) aren't very popular at all, but this should have changed with this important, truthful and scientific piece of writing.

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    • 2 months ago
  • You are so wrong. I present to you the perfect alternative to the 4 door convertible, the Peugeot 1007 it can do everything you say is a benefit of a 4 door convertible but better.

      2 months ago
    • No it actually can't do anything of it apart from the parking

        2 months ago
    • Not true, it can do all of them. If you have a stick for the criminal one

        2 months ago
  • Yes i love these kind of posts, the drawings are so cute

      2 months ago
  • Vincent, you should add a "Dr. Professor" to your name. And your drawings? You're a Truman Capote! Your speech skill is atleast at 98. You could convince EV geeks to buy a 5.0 Mustang. If I'd have a hat with me, I'd take it off, out of honor for you. As Bobby Baccala said: "I'm in awe of you." Well done as always. No speculations, no fannying about, just straight scientific facts!

      2 months ago
    • LMAOOOOO thanksss 🤣

        2 months ago
    • You should do webcomics. Big money in it. Or do YouTube animations. You should start a channel and explain why *insert clearly logical thing* is right and why *insert super duper loser thing* is less good.

        2 months ago
  • Will the 4 Door Convertible save you from the inevitable explosion and collapse of the Zeppelin right behind you.

      2 months ago