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On October 24th, VW unveiled their latest generation of the hatchback icon. The new design started out looking slightly squished to me, but has grown on me a lot, especially in the sportier R-Line trim. The car features LED lights as standard, but their new ridiculously named 'IQ Light', matrix LED system is an optional extra. The car's greatest leap forward happened on the inside, where you now have 2 digital screens as standard. Gone is the classic VW rotary light dial, which was now replaced by a touch sensitive cluster of icons. Also gone is the classic gear selector. All you have now is a small shift-by-wire nub, which doesn't appear to save any space and in my opinion looks harder to operate. To see how these things perform in practice, we will have to wait until the car's launch. Some other new features include Car2X, which gives your car the ability to talk to signs, traffic lights and other vehicles and a head-up display.

With the Mk8 Golf, Volkswagen is introducing 48V technology to their line-up with 5 different hybrid eTSI models ranging from 110 to 150 horsepower. There will also be two plug-in hybrid options, one with 204 horsepower and the GTE with 245 horsepower. Just to clarify, the new GTE will have the same amount of power as the current GTI Performance model! Now sure, the GTE is going to be heavier with all the lithium-ion batteries it'll lug around, but I still think this car is currently flying under the radar of many enthusiasts.

Of course the car will have to prove itself on the road, but if the last generation is anything to go by, this generation GTE currently looks like THE model to have, even with rumors of the GTI's 300 and the R's 400 horsepower figures.

What are your thoughts on the new Golf? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Genuinely think a lot more people would be interested in buying a hybrid than a full EV so getting the hybrid golf and especially the GTE for the enthusiast market back ist pretty great imo

    I'd consider myself a big sceptic when it comes to anything not purely ICE powered but I'd put my money into a GTE

    5 days ago
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    • Exactly my thoughts too. At the moment driving an EV means you constantly worrying about how much range you have because you know that once you're out, you're screwed. But having a...

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      5 days ago
  • The front reminds me to Kenny the tiger...

    7 days ago
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