- Photo: @1987Camaro305 (twitter)

Why are so many cool cars hiding in an abandoned shopping mall car park?

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When Hurrican Dorian struck the east coast of the USA, a collection of images emerged showing a bunch of DeLorean DMC12's hiding in a garage. Recently, however, a similar phenomenon occured in Japan during the destructive Typhoon Hagibis.

The most devastating storm since 1958, Hagibis featured winds of 120mph sustained for 10 minute period, and even featured gusts of up to 160mph.

One thing we all know about Japan is their love for cars, and some very nice ones at that, and during the storm a number of people turned to abandoned shopping malls as protection for their beloved rides.

Twitter user @1987Camaro305 took to the platform to share a number of images that reveal the cars left behind at the AEON Shin-Urayasu mall in the northern parts of Tokyo Bay.

Photo: @1987Camaro305 (twitter)

The twitter user, who goes by the name 'Japanese car spotter', first shows his well looked after third generation Chevrolet Camaro, before giving us a glimpse of a red Porsche and a handsome white Lexus LC500.

Photo: @1987Camaro305 (twitter)

The most exciting of the bunch, however, has to be this immaculate Ferrari Testarossa. Complete in the iconic scarlet of the prancing horse, it's not surprising this owner used an entire mall to protect his beloved.

There has been no news from @1987Camaro305 as to whether the cars made it out alive, but as I have not seen the YouTube video 'Testarossa owner cries for 24h after car gets damaged,' then I'll just have to assume they all made it out.

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  • "Ditch it, cars can be replaced" T hat comment can give jail time!

    12 days ago
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  • If you want to know how fast your car is... driving it fast to outrun a typhoon is certainly a good way to find out.

    12 days ago
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