Why Are We So Surprised When GM Makes a Great Performance Car?

Kemp Davis posted in Chevy

2y ago


"General Motors has a long history of killer performance cars. Yet every time a new one comes out, we're shocked."

Road & Track has published a new article that tells it like it is.


Nobody expected General Motors to build such a well-rounded and capable performance car

I like how the author describes current German vehicles. "Maybe they've got bigger wheels, stiffer springs, or louder exhausts. Consolation prize equipment, meant to sharpen up an inherently dull vehicle enough to distract you from the reality of what you're driving."

Click the link below to read the complete article. It is well worth it.


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  • So sad to see it go. As a young person finishing college, i was hoping that they would continue for a few years so i could afford to own one. Now even the used cars will become expensive since they never sold many.

    2 years ago


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