Why aren't there more women involved in motorsport?

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It's a known fact that there aren't enough women in motorsport, and the reason why is baffling. There is no stated reason at all that could argue with the fact women can't race.

Some may argue men are more capable than women in motorsport, the fact is we are both just as capable. Men are physically stronger than women, but this is one of few sports where the advantage is irrelevant, more of us can be capable because at least we have power steering these days. People will have different opinions, that's what makes us human, however motorsport needs to reach it's full potential, and by just categorising men into the sport won't help it reach that potential it so desperately deserves. The world is moving on and changing quicker than ever before, and we need to adapt to the change, if you look at other sports, rugby, football, basketball for example you wouldn't believe how many more women nowadays are getting involved in those activities, 10 years ago, you would be saying "That's only a sport for males, not females" You would be wrong to say that now, so why is it the same for motorsport?

"the good women, the ones who deserve it, are taken a lot more seriously"

Katherine Legge

If it's possible for women to get involved in sports that were only some years ago classed as a male sport, then why aren't more getting involved in motorsport? A lot has changed since this question was first raised however, there has been loads more female involvement in F1, only one out of 1000 go Karter's would be female a few years ago, now 3 out of 1000 would be female, its an improvement, but more work needs to be done.

We have more female role models than ever before in motorsport.

" We’re also pretty fortunate to have a number of strong female role models at the top of motorsport now, like Susie Wolff, Katherine Legge, Claire Williams and Leena Gade, all of whom surely must serve as some inspiration to the young girls who want to start karting." ~ Jamie Chadwick

I'm hoping a lot of females now will act like I did back when I was younger: "If she can, I can" I remember first seeing a competition on YouTube which only consisted of female drivers, and my first thought was "I thought only boys did racing?" This is what I was bought up knowing, I was raised in the early 2000's where I didn't even think women in motorsport even existed, I think it's about time that changed.

In a recent survey, 85% out of 331 responses said there needs to be more done to get women involved in motorsport, 15% disagreed. Those 15% didn't provide a reason to why there shouldn't be more done.

I want the females of the future to have the "If she can, I can" attitude especially in motorsport providing the fantastic and courageous role models we have today. If it can be done in other sports, it can be done in motorsport too. People will be prejudice, that's the barrier we have to cross, but in years to come, it shouldn't be an issue when it becomes the norm. I would rather people accepted the change now, rather than later, because no matter what happens more and more women will join motorsport. We need to take a step in the right direction and move motorsport onwards and upwards with the ever-changing world of today.

"If she can, I can"

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