- Why boys love cars?

Why boys love Cars

A witty discussion over a drinking session - to find the common reason among boys for loving cars

3y ago

Recently, over a drinking session, my friends and I found the answer to a long-last question: For what same reason do all boys love cars?

(Brandy - Round 1)

I started discussing Gordon Murray's passion in building the McLaren F1. It is like getting immersed in a fairly tale, and how I kept wishing for a time-machine, so that I could go back in time and become Murray's apprentice. I did all the talking and my car-crazy friends were happily listening. Anyway, when the first round was over, I triggered the question, What is it about cars that makes us go crazy over them?

(Brandy - Round 2)

"It is about the total control we have on them," said a friend. He added, "They do not complain, they do exactly what you tell them to do, there are no surprises, doesn't hate the music you desire, and even when you get rid of them (not "it" but "them" because cars are like family), they will leave you with some cash in your wallet." This was a great answer I felt.

Another friend added, "I think for me, it's about freedom. The sense of privacy, just like when you are in the loo, you think freely, with absolutely no inhibitions. But unlike the loo, you are moving here, and it's pretty scenic too. I think a car lets you introspect better than being in a loo. That's Car - 1, and loo - 0 (bursts into laughter). Cars win man! You know what? I just realize that I am the happiest when I am in my car, alone that too."

As I heard this, it got me thinking and I asked them: "How would your perceptions change if your cars were a Ferrari or Lamborghini instead?" And then there was silence for a few minutes, where the three of us stared at our drinks. "A Ferrari would definitely up the ante," said a friend, with a gleam in his face, and continued "If you know what I mean. Damn I love those prancing horses. I could easily woo the hottest girl I know. It would give me superpower confidence to even ask such a girl out. I wouldn't do that in this lifetime otherwise, if it weren't for the Ferrari." As he said this, a laugh riot ensued.

(Brandy - Round 3)

The other friend added, "Forget owing a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Even if I got them for a day, I'd be happy with that. I'd probably call you two losers to tag along for a ride, and I am just imaging the talks we'll have, not to mention the blush on our faces. Oh, and imagine if it were a roadster, with all that gush of air above us and hearing the v12 roar. Oh man, am gettin goose bumps just thinking about it."

So I asked them both, "Is it the love for cars in general that we have, or is it for a very special type of cars - like a Ferrari or Lamborghini?" I said, "As for me, sure, a top end supercar will definitely raise the ante a bit, cause who wouldn't enjoy the ego boost of owning an exotic machine? However, that's a bonus. I love cars in general, because it makes me feel good. I like the driving - it's as simple as that, even if it means getting to office on a Monday morning. Even if it's a nasty traffic, I am checking out the intricate details of how the interiors are designed and contemplate why the designer laid out dash in the manner it is. You see, it's like talking to a friend, and you get this feeling that your car actually listens! And in your mind voice, you hear what your car's replying! Did you guys ever feel this way?"

Both of my friends, in synchrony, replied "Damn, hell yeah, you do that too?" One of them went added, "I thought I would come across as a lunatic if I ever admitted that to my family or non-car guys."

As I listened, I had another deeper thought. Sure, we all have unique reasons to love our cars, but I wanted to know if, "There is one common reason among car guys, universally, to love cars dearly?"

(Brandy - Round 4)

Again, we were all stuck without answers. What is that ONE THING about cars, that unites all car lovers? The conversations continued. We asked questions and discussed deeply, like:

"Spending more on cars than on ourselves?"

"Washing cars to full shine even if we forget to shower"

"Is it all the good memories associated with our cars?"

"Because we consider cars as our family members?"

"Because the car has been with us during the best and worst of times?"

(Brandy - Round 5)

We were not going to sleep until we arrived at the answer. We were having a meditative experience - looking for divine intervention from universe to give us the answer on a platter. Thankfully, it did happen. We went back to childhood days, when we took our toy cars everywhere. We even kept it by our side when we were asleep. To this day, in our offices, we have a scale-model cars on our desk. Heck, we even got a toy car on our real car's dash for god's sake! Our key chain has a car on it, and so do our phone covers, wall papers and screenshots. And as we grew, we wanted to annihilate the pigeon that s**t on our cars and pulverize the spider building webs on our rear view mirrors.

Even when we're drinking, we discuss cars, or watch a car video on YouTube together. We subscribe to all the car magazines and cringe over some stupid auto-journalist misinterpreting something. We know more about Dario Benuzzi, Valentino Balboni and Walter Rohrl than other main stream celebrities, and that's just because they test drive our dream cars. And we have imagined being in the shoes of Formula 1 drivers. And best of all, whenever we park our cars, and walk away, we always pause and turn around to admire our machines - which usually follows with a grin on the face or a sense of comforting feeling - despite going bankrupt on purchasing car parts.

We couldn't be without them. It's like cars are a part of us! And then came our golden answer:

"Cars are an extension of ourselves. It's part of us. We are with the impression that if we take good care of our cars, then that's that good enough. Whether it's me or the car, it's all the same. "

How could we hate something that's a part of us?. "And there we go boys," I told my friends, as I came to the conclusion, "The single common reason among all petrol-heads, to love their cars, is because our cars are a personification of ourselves. Our cars are an extension of us."

If it weren't for this reason, why would we be crazy about cars since we were 2 years old? Our truly afflicted hearts required over three decades of reasoning, to find one common answer to why all boys love cars. (And it also required 5 rounds of Brandy)

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Comments (7)

  • A truly amazing read and a great way to come to a conclusion! Cheers.🍺🍺

      3 years ago
  • Well I do agree on your conclusion and approve scientific methology you chose to arive at that. Cheers and a great read.

      3 years ago
  • And that conclusion is why you see a lot more men drive with one hand on the steering wheel than women. Years ago I read that it was scientific proven. (most) Women see a a car as something you use to go from a to b. Where as men see it as an extension of their body. Anyway, nice article. Enjoyed it very much.

      3 years ago
    • Absolutely! Didn't know science also validated it. Thanks Phil.

        3 years ago
    • You're welcome. 😁

        3 years ago