W​hy California Gas Is So Expensive

C​orporate greed or overly taxed? The answer might surprise you

1y ago


Have you ever wondered why California Gas prices are so expensive? Is it corporate greed? Well the answer might surprise you...


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Comments (16)

  • what corporate greed? Gasoline is under $2.9 everywhere else, close to $5 in CA, same companies. Please.

    The governor "launching an investigation" into how his own policies worked out... irony is rich here

      1 year ago
  • As much as California is a nice place to vacation and visit; and I am not referring to the car culture people... the general liberal populous of California think they are healing the world by overpaying for everything.. 😝

      1 year ago
  • Everything in Calif is taxed to the hilt. The last buffoon governor proposed taxing drinking water. The new Gov Gavin Newsom is a sociopathic scumbag thats hell bent on running every resident out of the state

      1 year ago
  • High taxes and cap and tax in the liberal utopia, complain at the ballot box for a change.

      1 year ago
  • In every quasi Socialistic dump fuel is expensive so why is this surprise?

      1 year ago