Why car makers could become the ultimate super villain

There’s a fine line between villain and hero in the car world

5w ago

Car makers - we love them! Why? Because they make some of the most brilliant things on the planet called ‘cars’. But if I told you that carmakers could become the ultimate super villain, you know, like a Thanos then you wouldn’t believe me, right?

So why do I think that carmakers are about to become the ultimate super villains? There are two reasons for this, and I shall explain them to you one by one.

Today, we have got mind-boggling cars like the McLaren 765LT and Ferrari 812 on sale which - let’s be honest - are too fast for the road. Now I know half of you might be going to the comments right now to tell me why no car is too fast for the road but wait. The fact that these cars are too fast for the road isn’t the whole problem. It’s the owners who cause the whole massacre.

You see, if you approach McLaren with a $400,000 cheque and say to them that you want to buy the 765LT, then they will simply give the car to you without question. They will not test you or assess your capability of driving it. But then why would they, because you have passed your driving test. But the problem starts from here. You sat/took your driving test in an Astra or a Micra, not an 755hp McLaren supercar.

Nearly every day we’re scrolling through articles on DriveTribe telling us that a Lamborghini Aventador crashed or how a brat binned his Ferrari. If manufacturers (especially ones producing high performance models, BMW!) assess the skill level of their customers, then the world (and the roads) would surely be a better place.

On to the second reason now…

More than half of the people on DriveTribe hate electric cars. Despite the fact that James May has bought a Tesla, we all hate EVs. Electric cars are the future though. We simply can’t keep on eeking out the life of petrol because a day will come when the reserves run dry and our cars will become expensive ornaments and pastimes of the rich and wealthy who can afford to run them.

Carmakers are now shifting towards electric cars, killing the legendary ICE cars that have made them what they are today. There will be a time when Lambo will have to stop making the naturally aspirated Aventador and Huracan. Car Makers need to handle this situation very carefully. With governments banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars, they have to shift their focus to building EVs and have a nice sales figure. And then there are people like us, who might not be able to afford an N/A supercar, will do whatever we can to tell the car makers that we love them, and they must not stop building them.

If carmakers keep on producing mind-boggling cars like the 765LT to amateurs and don’t find a balance between building EVs and keeping the true petrolhead happy, then we could soon see the end of cars we love. And carmakers could become the ultimate super villains.

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Comments (7)

  • Regulations are killing the ICE, not manufacturers. Manufacturers have a tough time and why would the limit who can buy their cars? Low volume supercar companies can’t afford to be selective on driving skill, a lot of their sales are rappers and posers who should not be allowed anywhere near the go pedal.

      1 month ago
  • On your first point I disagree! Carmakers should not have a right to discriminate their customers on any basis, cause it would follow that they would then be partially liable for misuse/damage/injury.

    On the second point I think you're spot on.

      1 month ago
  • I dont rlly get how either of these points have any real relevance to the title claim at all

      1 month ago
  • 🧢. You can run an ICE off biofuel, making it 100% carbon neutral. There is no reason to ban ICE, just ban the petrol and diesil. Obviously electric cars will become more popular but there will always be some proper cars for people who like them or people who can’t afford electric cars. Especially in poorer countries, or places that are more suited to growing crops for biofuel but don’t have the capacity to produce a lot of electricity.

      1 month ago
  • I hope some car companies will realize there's a market of petrol heads who want fun to drive cars, but the future looks bleak

      1 month ago